Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mina Update

Photos Shared By My Dad Moments Before Durang Left For Mina Untuk Ibadah Melontar. They Will Be Staying In Mina For Three Days Before Heading Back To Makkah For A Day Before Heading Back Home. They're Supposed To Leave At Around 1:30 Pm Local Time But Due To The Place Was Under Lock Down Because Of On Going Rescue Mission. They Were Only Able To Leave Makkah At Around 3 Pm.

They Arrived In Mina A Few Hours Later But Due To The Rescue Missions Are Still On Going They Have To Walk More Than An Hour To The Camp Site. And With The Heat And Tiredness From Lack Of Sleep Due To Doing 'Tahallul' In The Morning. Most Of The Ladies Needed To Be Wheeled Off To The Camp Site By Wheel Chair Including My Mum.

Later That Night When It Was Quiet Jemaah Haji Brunei Under Darussalam Holdings Did Their Ibadah Melontar Pertama. Had A Good Laughed Meliat Durg My Dad Bergambar Ama Askar Ah Haha.

Iatah Usul Dalam Kem Jemaah Lelaki. Iatah Nya My Dad Sangat Sangat Kuat Dugaan Ketika Berada Di Arafah Dan Mina.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Ngantuk Ku!"

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