Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Friday The 28th Of August

Started The Day With A Morning Run. Honestly Nda Plang Jauh Lusir Ku. Just Going Front And Back Saja For A Few Mins Plus Sprint. And Alhamdulillah Gradually My Stamina Are Improving. Well Kinda

So This Is How A $10k Stack Looks Like. Tabal Jua. How I Wish My Dad Gave Me This. "Wadi Nah 10 Ribu Pandai Pandai Tah Kau Melanjakan" Haha

And This A $100 Worth Of One Dollar Stack. My Mum Suruh Tukar Ya Kan Sedekah Arah Org Org Yang Datang Ke Rumah Malam Sebelum My Parents Berangkat Ke Airport.

So I Raised You $20k Then Haa Haa Haa. Usin Usin Siuk Usulnya Meliat.

Before Heading To Bandar Yes Heading To Bandar Again. Saw This Beaute! Save It FOr Later!

Show Off Jam Baru Jap Haa Haa Bought This Last Monday Or Tuesday. Lupa Ku Nda Ku Terkanang. Actually Not Mine It Was My Dad's. Pairing Via A Bluetooth Connection With Your Phone. No Problem With My Dad Tapi With My Phone Kiyal Kiyal Last Rupanya I Need To Download A Few Notification Apps Online Before I Can Fully Enjoyed The Function.

One Selfie Narsis As Usual. Haven't Trim My Hair Esok Esok Tah.

Some Of Our Lunch The Other Day At GK Restaurant. Actually Sebab Kenapa Kami Kan Turun Ke Bandar Ani Pasalnya Kan Membawa My Mum Melawat Kubur Parents Nya Di Makam Before Kedia Naik Haji.

And More Photos From Our Lunch Time. That Is The First Time I've Tried A Mojito I Love It. I Might Browse The Web For A Non-Alcholic Mojito. And From Here With A Full Belly. We're Off To Madang Because I Have A Meet Point Appoinment. Well Salah Actually Kami K Bunut Sekajap Pasalnya Kan Melawat Sonya. Pikir Ada Peluang Tah Kedia Kan Silap And I Was Fucking Hoping Siap Dalam Seminggu Because They Promised Us Seminggu. Sadly Enough They Are Not True To Their Word. By The Look Of My Engine Mcm Baru Kana Buka. Padahal Janji Kan Membuka On Monday But Alasan Ramai Kereta. Hello! I Paid My Deposit On Friday So That You Can Start Working Immediately As You Requested. Then When We Asked About Its Current Condition. Alasan Sorry Hj Banyak Kereta. Jangantah Kita Ingau Ada Kami Menelipun Tu. Well First Its My Car. Of Coz I'm Worried Secondly With Sebuah Nganya Kereta Papat Rasa Kaki! And What I Had The Most Ia Asked Gimme Time Hj Aa Gimme Time. Well We Did Gave U Time Have You Ever Consider How Urgently We Need My Car Back?

And Bila Kami Cek There Is No One Actually Working on My Car And Yang Ku Sakit Hati Pekerjanya Nyanyi Nyanyi Kura-kura Dalam Perahu Balik Balik. Rasa Ku Macam Menyindir Pasalnya Kami Masuk Kawasan Yang Org Luar Nda Bleh Masuk. Well FYI There Are Something That We Need To Get. A Document That Is Very Important. And Please Lah Grew A Pair And Say It To Our Face. Ani Udah Ditantang Dapan Dapan Mua Nda Ya Mau Meliat! Ahhhh Nah Udah Lepas Dah Geram Ku!

So Back To The Watches! Bought 2 This Time. A Mem Watch And A Nixon Time Teller Kah Namanya. Love It Instantly And For Now I'm Not Gonna But A New Watch Walaupun I Have A Good Deal With The Seller To Get Me A Seven Friday Watch For Around $600. Emmmm Nantitah!  I Haven't Done Anything To Deserve That!

Keh Keh Keh Hilang Konsentrasi Bah Bertahlil Oleh Nya Mengambar Aaa. Banar Tah. Well Untuk Seketika Saja. And Khasyi Was So Cute Jua. Lapas Mummy Nya Mengambar Ani. Pindah Ya Arah Ku. Then Perlahan-lahan Kedia Menggamit Tanganku. Kan Minta Ambil. Then Pastu Jariku Di Ganggamnya. Selasai Ku Membaca Doa Pandai Tia Melumpati Kedia Minta Kipak Haa Haa Haa. Nda Kan Sabar Bah Rasanya Kan Ada Anak Sendiri.

Acara Selepas As Usual. Pagi Or Patang Minum Di CAM Yayasan.

Aku Udah Makan. Malas Tah Ku Kan Makan Lagi. So I Just Prefer Having Hot Lemon Saja.

An Usies With Dad. So That Is The MEM Watch That I Bought With My Dad's Money Haa Haa Haa. He Loved It So Much With Its Arabic Dial And Counter Clockwise Imitating The Direction Of Tawaf That He Wore It Straight Away.

Here It Is The Full Set. It Comes With A Pen That My Dad Brought To Mekah As Well Hehe. Glad He Loves It!

Lil Sis Bought Her First Proper Phone. Nothing Fancy Just A Vivo Y22. Awal Atu Kan Membali Yang Mahal Sikit But I Told Her Eh Jangan Beli Yang Mahal. Beli Saja Harga $179 Its Good Enough For Now. She Have A Tab Plang But Strictly For Games Only But We Believe She Is Ready To Have A Proper Phone With Line Only After She Promised Us Not To Bring It To The School. Ke Tuition Boleh But School Is A No No Yet. And Bless Her She Is True To Her Word So Far.

Siap Buying My Sister Her New Phone I Let Her Joined Her Other Sisters And I Went To Mall's CB For A Quick Cuppa. Disappointingly Enough. The Coffee Was Good But Both Cake Was A Major Disappoinment. No Wonder Babu Menolak Pinggannya Haha.

Haa Haa Haa Sampai Sampai KB. Aku Atu Masuk Bilik My Parents. Saw Her Sleeping While Holding Her New Phone. Sagainya Jua Bertalipun Baru. Then Bila Ku Set My Phone Nahh Berpindah Tia. Then I Saw Her Money On Her Pocket. Haa Haa Haa Not Much Of A Lost Plan Then.

And That's Ladies And Gentleman Is The End Of My Friday. Tiring Sangat. Darinya Awal Minggu Dah Ke Bandar Saja.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Like I Said In My Previous Post. Racking Up Those Mileage Baby"

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