Monday, September 07, 2015

Monday The 7th Of September

Its About 4:06 Pm. Being A Lone Ranger In The Office Today. Malas Ku Kan Cerita Banyak Sal Atu Nda Jua Menghiburkan Haha. Having Another Sip Of Shape Tea. Does It Work? Too Early To Say. Plus Apa Sangatlah Jua Teh Ani Kalau Makan Nda Jaga Kan. And Today Aku Nda Jaga Makan But Hey Its Been Awhile Since I Had Something Like These So I Don't Feel That Guilty.

I Wish I Woke A Bit Early Today. The Morning Weather Was Just Too Beautiful. The Kind Of Weather That U Wish For Everytime You Went For A Morning Run. Its Hot Now. Gonna Burn My Fat Later.

This Really Helps Me With Improving My Skin Tone. Biasalah Kediaku Ani. Malas Sikit Menyuci Mua Noda Noda Hitam Atu Capat Tia Datang Balik.

First Order Of The Day Was Sending My Lil Sis For An Extra Class. Arrived At The School Area Asked Her To Recite Al-Fatihah. Taiming Mua Ku Atu Aa..

So Otw To The Office This Old Guy Makan Jalan. Hardly Wanted To Bagi Jalan Then Scracth My Dad's Car. Luckily It Was Just A Light Scratch And Since Its A Monday And I Just Don't Want To Ruin The Start Of A New Week. I Just Let It Go. And Let My Sister Sent The Car For An Alignment Adjustment. Nda Guna Marah Marah.

 Went Out For Awhile Because I Need To Go To The Tailor To Make A Few Baju MIB And A New Work Pants. Pricy But Hey Alang Alang Bah Its Been Awhile Since I Update My Work Attire.

Picked Lil Sis From School Straight After The Tailor Well First Have To Drop My Sisters At Their Hair Saloon. Then Brought Her Here Because..

Baca Saja Tia Tuuuuu. Arahan Daripada Boss Kecik Ah. Terpaksa Diturut Pandai Mengadu Arah My Dad. Kesayangan Jua Banar.

And I Suppose That Is The End Of Monday Post. So As Usual Lah Tu Ah.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Laporan Hari Ini Telah Selesai Haa Haa"

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