Friday, September 04, 2015

Sunday The 30th Of August

Woke Up Around Noon Ish. Arrived In Rimba Before 7 Am. Pajal Mata Supaya Jangan Tidur Because My Parents Boarded The Plane Around 7:45 Am Tapinya Kalah Jua Eh. By The Time My Parents Share Gambar Dalam Plane Beradu Ku Udah.

Mun Ngantuk Sangat Haha But Since We're In Bandar Still And Everyone Was Craving For This Place. So Apalagi I Brought Them Here Saja.

Always Time For An Usies With The Sisters. Atu Panuh Meja Oleh Makanan.

I Love The Wedges Though. This IS Super Delicious And Crispy. I Think I How They Made It It. Lightly Fried Then Oven Bake To Perfection. Gonna Ask My Sister To Make It For Me.

After That We Went For A Drive Pasal My Sis Ada Kan Di Ambilnya Di Tanah Jambu. Then Drove All The Way To Mentiri Lalu Kota Batu. Just Go For A Drive Saja Then Stopped By Here And The Lil Sis Sakit Paot Tah Jua Haa Haa Haa Malas Ku Bercerita Selebihnya Haa Haa Haa.

The Weather Didn't Look Great That Sunday Evening. Just Look At The Clouds. Stopped By At The Mall Because The Sisters Wanted To Do A Lil Shopping Before Heading Back To Kb. Owh I Bought Myself A New Running Shoes.

While Waiting For The Sisters To Finish Doing Their Shopping. Wanted A Hot Drink I Suppose The Guy Heard Me Wrong. Not Bothered To Change It. Asal Ada Saja.

Bought This Btw. Wanted The Original Boss In Motion But Durang Nada Stock. And This Was A Tester Jua So Nda Jua Rugi.

Heading Back Home In A Wet Weather. Hungry Lah Jua Perut Ani.

Dropped Everyone. Went To Chicken King To Buy Some Dinner. Show Off Jam Arab Daulo Haa Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"That Was One Long Sunday"

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