Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Monday The 21st Of Sept

Time To Show It Off Haa Haa. Could Have Shown You Guys A Narsis Selpi But That Is Just To Much For A Tuesday Morning. Anyhow I Am Very Happy With This Watch. Its Cheap If You Wanna Compare With Its Look. Brown Leather Rose Gold Case Sub Dial That Works I'm So In Love With Megir Watches. For A $80 Purchased Its Really Worthed. And To Find Out That I Had a 50% Discount From The Actual Price. I Couldn't Be Happier.

I Bought Two Of These Wholemeal Sandwiches From Lof Bakery. It Is Tasty As Usual. Had A Big Meal Albeit Only One Meal On Sunday But The Main Point Here Is BIG And I Thought I'm Just Gonna Have Something Light For Breakfast And Lunch. So I Had One For Breakfast Then Had Another One For Lunch. Fill Me Up Easy.

Dad Told Us To Pick Up A Few Stuff At Darussalam Holding. So Biasalah Since Hari Keraja Applied For A Permission. Thank God My Boss Paham. Plus Nda Ku Tau Hari Apa Lagi Kan Turun Because Its Gonna Be A Busy Few Days For Our Family. 

Stopped By In Rimba Because I Had Tummy Ache And In Needing Of Some Loo Time. Jazia Was There Too. Yay! First Photo Atu When She Saw Me Pointing The Camera At Her Then We Called Out Her Name Ya Kambang. Then Bila Ya Tau Ya Kan Kana Gambar. Nah Kluar Tia Pose Nya Atu Haa Haa Haa Berakal Banar Tah. 

Since SKH Was Literally In The Same Building With Darussalam Holding We Just Did A Few Shopping Di Sana. Buying Groceries For Wednesday And Thursday. 

Picked Up My Sister Wani From School Then Brought All Of Them For A Late Lunch Since Everyone Was Hungry. I Wanted To Had Something Steam And What's Better To Eat Than Dim Sum Right. And The Girls They Had Chicken Rice. Batah Mikirkan Bilang Org Typical. Nda Kan Tau Apa Kan Di Makan Batah Meliat Menu Last Last Atu Jua Di Order.

Man We Really Knows How To Eat Haaa Haaa Haaa And From There We're Heading Home Well Singgah Lagi Ke Rimba Mengambil Barang My Sis.

Hashtag! Bandar Sucks! Caught The Rush Hour And It Was Raining And Some Part Of The Road Are Just Super Jammed. I Have To Deviate Masuk Sini Masuk Sana And Voila At One Part I Beat The Jam And Have A Clear Road In Front Of Me. Bangga Jua Ku Tu Haha. Well I Have Too Especially With My Dad's Car Yang Manual Ah. Lalah Kaki Nyenta.

Another Ride Home To Kb. Goodness Me That Was Tiring. Luckily The Weather Improved.

10 Litres Of Aing Zam Zam And My Father Also Shared With Us A Certain To Be Recited Before Drinking This. 

It Was A Long Day Yesterday. It Was Tiring. I Had This Headache And It Kinda Intensified When Head Hit The Rain. If That Word Makes Any Sense.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!


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