Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Bit Of Friday And Saturday 25th - 26th Of Sept

A Quick Jalan Jalan To Miri With My Sister Nurul. The Plan Was Kan Meriki Enjin Keretanya Sekali Last Last Nda Jua Sampai. Dan Jua Kira Kami Atu Kan Re-stock Sedikit Sebanyak Barang Dapur. The Usual Lah Tu Minyak Makan, Oren Campur, Frozen Foods Macam Ayamas Nugget & Drummet Apa.

And Then The Exchange Rate On That Day Was Just Massive Haha. BND1 = RM3.06 Atu Mengayauuuuuuuuuuuu Memiyussssssssss Mamanjuttttttttttttt Pala Yaaa Haha Apakan.

Since Wednesday And Thursday Atu Makan Berabis And I Thought Okay Lets Have Something Healthy And Easy For The Belly. Went To Kenny Rogers For Lunch. Opted For The Sandwich And Fruits. Not Even Bothered With Chicken And Such. Heck Even Pezzo Pizza Pun Ku Skip. Makan Saja Bah These Few Days But Hey Its Okay Nanti Nanti Memburn Kedia. Terasa Ku Belly Ku Bolat! Well Andang Bolat Pun.

With The High Exchange Rate. Not Buying This Perfume Will Be Stupid Enough Haa Haa Haa. And We Went Home Straight After Groceries Shopping. Funny Enough Pagi Atu Lapang Saja Jalan I Mean Di Imegresen Even Pun Ada Kereta Smooth Jua Nda Batah Menunggu But Udah Balik Atu As Usual Stuck Di Tol. Even Ada Lah Kana Upload Di Community Miri. Kalau Dulu Imegresen Brunei Yang Kebilangan Betabiat Now Terbalik Malaysia Tah Pulang Batah. Even For A Person Pun Batah Jua Kedia Kan Mengcop. Hairan Kiterr.

While Saturday Was A Long Day. First Up Our Mini Renovations Works Begins With The Installations Of Water Tank. And Then Changing Up Pintu-pintu Bilik Dan Jamban. Siap Saja Atu Our Next Phase Would Be Usai Jamban My Parents Then My Mum Said She Wanted To Change The Sink Arah Jamban Utama. As Well As Membesarkan Dapur. That Part Will Begin Once My Parents Settle Down When They Safely Return Home.

And I Was In And Out Of The Office Jua Kemarin Atu. Ya Jua Sibuk Di Opis With People Mengomplen Pasal Kerosakkan. Selasai Atu Have To Rush To The House Pasal Catering Services Menghantar Kerusi And Meja And Then Showing Them Which Area Nanti Mengusai Kereta Atu. And Then Pukul Berapa They Should Arrive With The Foods On Tuesday.

Then My Next Itinery Was At The My Lil Sister's School For Report Book Signing. A Bit Worrying Jua Lah With Her Results. She Is Great With Maths But Her Reading Skills Was On The Downside And Surprise Surprise She Has Problems With Malay And English Especially With Understanding And Composition. So Later That Day Brought Her To The Book Shop And Bought Her A Dictionary As Well As Reading Materials. The Only Way For Her To Improve Her Malay & English Is By Reading And Using Dictionary. We Even Talked To Her Tuition Teacher. We Need To Emphasize More On The Subject That She Is Currently Having Problems With.

I Was Thinking Kan Cuci Lantai Di Bawah Umah. Luan Banyak Bekas Minyak M And Tahi Burung Layang-layang. Annoyed Ku Banar Tapinya I Was So Press For Time Nda Kan Terbuat Jua That Night. And I Said To Myself Okay I'm So Gonna Wake Up Early Esok And Dealt With This. And So I Have Though!

Time For A New Tv. Wanted To Buy A 40 Inch Tv Modest Saja. Then My Sisters Wanted A 55 Inch Jangan Alang Alang. Then Dad Texted From Makkah. Sound System Jangan Lupa.. Hmmmmmmmmm And I Told Them To Deliver This On Sunday Evening. Malas Ku Nyuruh Dtg Hari Minggu. Ya Jua Sibuk Sibuk Berkeraja Ya Kan Melayan Durg.

And The Rest Of The NIght I Just Stayed At Home. Liat Bola and Sleep. Talking About A Busy Morning And A Slow Saturday Night. Udah Jadi Penjaga Ani Geng. Lepak Melepak Dengan Kawan Kawan Nada Terlintas Dalam Utak Eh.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Can I Sleep?"

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