Monday, September 14, 2015

Lets Do Wednesday The 9th Of Sept

Before Heading To Bandar I Promised Myself I'm Going For A Morning Run. This Is Probably The Only Time I Am Able To Wake Up Early. Tak Perlu Hantar Adik Aku Ke Sekolah And Take My Time. Honestly Nda Jauh Ku Mampu But I Managed To Cover Distance Yang Lebih Than Yang Ku Lusir Pada Hari Isnin Hehehe.

Payah Kamu Kan Liat Aku Smart Cani Lately. Alah Alah Pegawai Haha But Its About Time Lah. Nda Kan Selamanya Selekeh Plus Its Been Quite A While Since I Go To The Tailor And Buat Baju And Seluar Keraja. I Think I Might Buat One More And Seluar Jua. But I Need To Modified My Pants. Longgar Tia Plang. Ehemmm Bukan Sal Kurang Berat Just Lebih Sukat Saja Tu.

So First Order Of The Day Was To Check Out On My Car. Its Good Jua Lah To See The Car A Few Days After Kana Gtau Yang My Car Needs A General Overhaul. I Can See Them With My Calm Self. 

This Looks Tired I Forgot The Name Of It. Oil Control Valve I Think. According To The Mechanic There Is A Hole In The Middle And It Should Not Be There. And I Have To Replace Two Of Them.

First Picture Banyak Karak Minyak M. Well I Do Admit Kekadang Aku Lambat Kan Servis. Hence Why Minyak M Nda Berjalan Apa. Hairan Ku Jua I Mean It Shouldn't Be That Bad Bukannya Jarang Servis. Lambat Saja. Ah Well Mun Udah Kan Jadi. Lesson Learned.

Second Photo I Think That Is The Exhaust Valve. Sumpak Banar. Aku Just Like The Mechanics Pun Hairan Cana Bleh Jadi Catu. Satu Mungkin Aku Lambat Tukar Spark Plug So Bila Sudah Lambat. Ia Jadi Nipis Pasal Hangus And The Ia Pacah. Serpihannya Gugur Ke Bawah And This Happen. Secondly Ia Tanya Aku Pernah Buat Engine Treatment. I Told Them I Did De-Carbonizing The Engine. Katanya That Can Also Be The Reason. Ah Whatever!

The Good News Is My Cylinder Block Okay. Adalah Calar Sikit But It Can Be Refurbish So Despite All This Ada Jua Positive Nya. Phew!

In All I Was Told The Total Cost Of Fixing This Will Be About $6000. Well Its Only Estimation. And Ku Tanya Labour Charge Included Udah Tu? He Said Yes So I Deposited About $1000 PLus Another $400 That My Dad Paid Few Weeks Ago And The Sales Agent Was Kind Enough To Deduct $200 From The Total Labour Charge. The Real Cost Was About $1600. Erkk Nada Murah Lai! Why? He Told Me Pasal Aku Nda Banyak Ulah And Such. Well Its A Good Thing Aku Dtg Lambat And Nda Marah Marah. Nah Ada Jua Hikmah Di Baliknya.

Then Straight After Bunut Dropped By My Sister In Kiulap Because She Has A Meeting With A Lawyer And Kediaku Went To The Head Office For Some Work Errand.

Having Lunch In Gadong Since Aku Tesliyo Kan Makan Kolo Mee Special And Wonton Soup. Biasa My Co Driver Aka Accountant For The Day My Sister Haa Haa Haa.

And To Finish It Off I Had Ultimate Chocolate. Keh Keh Keh Makanan Org Stress Bah Ni. Yatah Tu.

One Of The Reason Why We Had Lunch In Gdg Is Because Of This. Its Mom Birthday Mom. Why Not Right. Buy Here A Present. Well Bukan Plang Dua. Satu Saja. Yang Kanan Atu Awal Dah Ya Membali. The One On The Left Atu Yg Baru. 

Before Heading Home To Kb Stopped By At Taro Gdg. Since My Parents Moving To Makkah On Wednesday And We Thought Bersedakah Sedikit Sebanyak Untuk Jemaah Masjid Di Masjid Pandan Dan Memohon Kerjasama Durg Untuk Sama-sama Mendoakan Keselamatan My Parents Khasnya And Bakal Jemaah Haji Yang Amnya.

And I Supposed That Was The End Of My Wednesday Actually Despite It Was Stressful And Duitku Banyak Keluar On That Day But To Take It Positively. Semua Urusan Berjalan Dengan Lancar Tanpa Sebarang Hiccup. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Lots Of Money Spent That Day Urghh"

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