Monday, September 14, 2015

Friday The Miri Trip. The 18th Of Sept

Selfi Narsis With The Rain And Mata Yang Bangkung. My Eyes Was So Sticky Pasal I Think I Got A Mild Infection From The Haze!

An Usies With The Grumpy At The Back. Well She Was Suffering From Sore Throat Again Because Of The Weather Yatah Maung Muanya. Andang Dang Emo Jua Bah.

It Was Raining That Day So Alhamdulillah Nda Jua Hangat Sangat Tau Tah Miri Weather Ani Lain Panasnya Lain Sticky Nya And Of Coz Ngusut Ku Lehnya. Anyway The Traffic Was Ramai Jua That Friday. Hairan Enough Brunei Plang Lakas Ani. Malaysia Plang Lambat Usually Its The Other Way Around.

THis Was The Exchnage Rata On Friday. 3.04 Nyummmmm. Siuk Jua Berbelanja.

Lunch At Kenny Rogers Because The Sisters Are Craving For It. Burpppp Alhamdulillah.

A Miri Trip Will Not Be Completed If Nda Menapau Di Pezzo Pizza Ani. 

Tadaaaaa Total Beaute! I Love Big Daddy. Big Daddy Is Just Super Delicious!

Mencuba Pasal Kana Recommend. I Have Always Been A Tempura Fan But It Never Hurts To Try Something New.

Bought A New Perfume Actually Aku Ani Looking For 2 Well Not Necessarily Buying 2 Perfumes But Was Looking For Echo By Davidoff & Lacoste Essential. Something Light For Daily Use. Sekali Too Bad Nada Then The Sales Assistant Introduce This. Apparently Ani Pengganti Echo She Said. And I Said Bah Ani Tah Saja. Sekali Once She Siap Writing The Resit......

As I Was Saying This Bottle Caught My Eyes. Kali Ku Tanya Can I Try It. She Sprayed On My Arms. Ya Allah Enaknya Bau. And I Totally Regret Buying That. Kan Tukar Nda Dpt Pasal Ya Sudah Tulis Arah Resit. So Next Wishlist Is This.

And Talking About The Traffic When Going To Back To Brunei. Ughhhh 2 Hours Of Flat Arse Man!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Miri Was Ok I Suppose!"

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