Thursday, May 26, 2011

When I Think About It

I Cannot Do The $10 A Day Kind Budget Anymore.. I'm Not Talking Whether It Is Enough Or Not But I Sure Be Trying To Do A $5-$6 A Day Kind Of Budget And Try Whether I Can Do It Or Not.. Or Maybe I Could Stick With The $10 A Day Budget But Try The Best To Cut Down My Spending.. And Whatever Left Simpan Balik.. Well Not For Di Hari Tua Plang But More Of Hujung Bulan Spending.. Biasalah Bila Kan Kan Dakat Terima Atu Makin Sakit Makin Jarih And Makin Kurang.. Why Not Try It Hard.. When It Comes To Future Spending Memang Pun Gaji Ku Kana Putung Every Month For The Last 4 Years Ish Ish.. Tho Its Just A Small Amout But It Is Better A Lil Bit Then Nothing At All..
True To The Bone!

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