Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Thursday

Watching TV3 Right Now A Spooky Drama Called Mantera Anjoswara.. Asal Malam Jumat Kompom Nda Ada Lain Yang Kana Show.. Cerita Antu Cerita Antu And To Be Honest Makin Scary And Mengajutkan Udah Cerita Antu Malaysia Ani.. I Mean Lainlah Kalau Liat Ceta Antu At The Cinema Kompom Terkajut With All The Sound Effect But Mun Kambang Bulu Meliat Di Rumah Then It Is Scary Ahahahahaha.
Just Woke Up From A Very Long Nap.. Had A Bad Headache Which Later On My Sis Sais It Is Actually A Migraine.. I Kinda Agree With That Especially Ive Been Suffering From Head Ache Since I Woke Up.. 4 Tablets Of Panadol Actifast Dont Even Cut It.. And Because Of That No Run Time Today.. Too Very Bad Because It Is A Beautiful Day.. Insya Allah I Might Wake Up Early Tomorrow And Go For A Morning Run.. I Really Need To Put In Lots Of Miles And Minutes Under My Belly.. Yeah My Belly Is Getting Bigger.. Hehehehehe Rezeki Allah..
Need To Go To The Office Tomorrow.. Need To Finish Up My Reports.. Yeah Reports.. Ive Got 3 Reports To Settle.. Its Not Really An Outstanding Report To Be Honest.. Went For A Site Inspection Early On Today But Since This Headache Of Mine Is Getting The Better Of Me.. I Just Went Home Straight After.. Arrived At The Office In The Afternoon Then The Boss Gave Me A Quick Briefing And Voila Two Task To Do.. Finish The Inspection Part Of It.. But I Couldnt Wrap My Head Around It So I Just Say Fuck It Im Heading Home..
Well I Think That Is About It.. Taaraa
True To The Bone!

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