Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Saturday Post

Guess What I'm At The Office Right Now And Its About 9:30 Pm In The Night.. Yeahh Free Internet ,Sayang Jua Kalau Nda Digunakan.. Plus Kinda Malas Kan Drive Ke Seria And Lepak Mengupi Di Zuki Especially When I'm Limping Say Walking Funny After My Jog Session Today.. I Suppose To Be Entering A Post Earlier Today But Its Been A Very Unproductive Day Yet Again I Must Say.. After Hauling My Ass With Reports Last Week While This Week, Weee! It Was Just Plain Sailing.. But Just Accepted A Minit From The Head Office Late Today That The Assistant Permanent Secretary Is Planning For A Site Visit Here In KB On The 1st Of June So Busy Time On Monday With Preparation.. Luckily Tuesday Will Be A Public Holiday Heh A Week Busy And Another One Is An Easy Week So Why Should I Complain Huh..
Since Ive Been Transferred To KB I Do Admit It That I Have Gained A Very Considerable Amount
Of Weight Hell All Of My Friends, Aunties And Cousins Notice It And I Just Shrugged.. Life Is Always Good When You Live With Your Own Family.. Semua Berjaga But The Side Effect Is Pinggang Makin Lebar Brada.. Bulatttttttttttttt Even My Mum Said Tadi Bila Durg Nampak Aku Jog.. "Bulat Ko Ah Dari Belakang!".. Heheheheh That Is Why I'm Back Doing The Thing I Love Which Is Jogging..
Too Bad There Is No More Hiking, Well I Can't Complain Especially With These Knees Of Mine.. And Football Has Been Thrown Out Of The Menu A Long Time Since.. 7 Months Back To Kb And All The Hardwork I Put In For The Past 2 Years Or So Just Gone Like My Morning Nescafe.. Seluar Keraja Dulu Yg Sanang Diturunkan Now Clings Like A Glue Ahahahahahaha.. You Guys Must Be Wondering I Should Be Worrying Right Now.. But Hey Why Should I Be Worrying Sedangkan Atu Rezeki Yang Allah Taala Kurniakan.. Dari Ku Mengeluh Baik Ku Bersyukur.. All I Have To Do Is Just Try To Lose It Again And Trust Me It Is An Uphill Task.. It Wasn't Really That Bad During The First Few Months I Was Here.. The Momentum Is Still Going.. It Was Only After I Hurt My Knees During A Mini Futsal Tournament.. That Everything Starter To Go From Being Dumm Dummmm Dummmm (Mcm Bunyi Sound Effect So PO From Kungfu Panda) To BoOOOOOOOOOOmmmm BOOOOOOOOMmmMMMm KEDABABABABABABOOOOOOOOOOOM! Get The Picture? For 2 Months I Can't Do A Proper Exercise And The Food Was Just Great And Ya Allah When I Look Myself At The Photograph.. I Said To Myself Ya Allah GIANT! So Here I Am Slowly Getting The Fitness, The Stamina And The Endurance Back.. And Insya Allah If I Can Lose An Inch Or Two On The Belly Then Its A Very Very Good Start Indeed..
And Just Now I Just Did Jogging For An Hour.. That Was The First Time I Managed To Do It For Monthssssssssss.. I Dont Really Calculate The Distance But All That Matters To Me Is I Managed To Clock An Hour Then Slowly But Surely Everything Will Come Back.. But It Was A Real Torture.. If I Did The Same Route Yesterday I Might Clocked In A Better Time Because I Was Really In The Zone Yesterday Too Bad I Didn't Told My Sisters Not To Wait Up For Me At Track 8.. And Yeah I Think My Running Ani Pun Starting To Rub On My Sisters.. Akhirnya They Got The Running Groove.. So Today I Just Told My Sisters Not To Wait Up For Me Because I Was Planning To Jog From Track 8 To Pandan 7 Kira Sampai Ke Rumah Lah Tu.
It Was Hard As Usual I Have To Control My Pace.. I Have To Check My Steps And My Breathing And The Traffic At The Same Time.. U Know I Don't Think That The Driver In Kb Use To See Someone Jogging Against The Traffic Especially On The Route That I Use.. Out Of 10 Drivers Only 2 That Actually Slow Downs And Change Lane While The Rest Just Continue Speeding Got So Close To Me.. Most Of Them Just Stare At Me And Not Concentrating On To The Road So That Was Really Really Scary.. So Anyway On The Last Stage Of My Jog.. I Can't Say That I Hit The Wall But More To Almost Hitting The Hurdle.. I Was Absolutely Running Empty.. I Just Keep On Telling Myself Come On Come On Just A Lil Bit More.. Push Push Push Try To Open Up My Stride.. Membesarkan Langkah But It Was More Of Berhantak Kaki But Hey I Already Set Up The Bar For Myself.. So I'm Gonna Do The Same Route Again Next Week And See If My Timing Can Improve.. And Hey The Fat Man Can Do An Hour Jog AGAIN!

True To The Bone!

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