Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santai Lagi Santai Lagi

After Last Week Hauling Ass Of Reports And Reports From Yesterday Til Today Its Just Gaming And Gaming And Gaming.. Just A Little Bit Of Work To Do For Now.. Hence That Is Why I Brought My Laptop Along Because There Is Little To Be Done.. Mun Banyak Keraja Nda Jua Bisai Membawa Laptop Bukannya Apa Distraction Pulang Olehnya Kan Kan So Now My Pc Is On Idle Mode Hahaaha
Back With Brookie Yesterday.. And To My Surprise Enjoy More Running Using My Brooks Then The Asics.. Probably Since My Body Is Heavy The Asics Thin Sole Is Not That Suitable Compare To Brooks Which Has A Thicker Sole Walaupun Haus And Lakap2 But Still Is A Comfortable One Hence Why I Ran The Furthest I Have Been Since Heh I Cant Even Remember When.. And Since My Squash Session With Mr Monyet Belanda Is Cancel Due To The Court Being Renovated.. Another Session At Track 8 Is Due Then Keh Keh Keh.. Suka Ku Eh..
Been Browsing Down The Internet To Check Out What Kind Of Insect Or Bug That Did This.. One Of The Reason Why I Didnt Go For Morning Jog Today Is That An Insect Just Keep On Disturbing My Sleep Last Night.. Kali Last-last Atu Ia Hinggap Di Mata Ku So I Grab It And Squash It With My Hand And Left A Disturbing Smell.. Bangun And Cleaned My Hand And Thoroughly And Imagine Saja Udah Diri Cuci Mua Atu Ilang Bah Ngantuk Tarus Nasib Jua Mau Tidur Balik.. But Then Air-Con Lagi Keluar Air.. Haiya Nampak Gayanya Malam Ani Kena Service Air-Con Tah Lagi Membuang Yang Tersumbah Ah.. So Woke Up This Morning And Realise I Have This Brownish Mark On The Palm Of My Hand..
True To The Bone!

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