Monday, May 09, 2011

My Weekend In Pictures

Late Saturday Afternoon Bawa Jassie Masuk Workshop Again.. This Time Having A Transmission Fluid Change.. Alhamdulillah No More Bunyi Mcm Bunyi Tikut Berjalan Dalam Kereta.. Honda Has A Very Sensitive Gear Box Which Owners Have To Use A Specific Kind Of Trans Fluid Or Else The Gear Change Would Be Sticky And Also May Lead To Broken Transmission
The Bloody Culprit That Lead To My Car Jerking/misfire Or Dalam Bahasa Melayuhnya Unggat-unggat.. A Broken Ignition Coil U Can See How Bad It Looks Like.. Macam Angus Usulnya Cause By A Leak.. Needed To Replace This Thing But To Be Honest With You.. This Wont Come Cheap.. I Did Asked Around This Small Tiny Thing Can Cause Me Up To $300 Each.. And I Have 8 Of These Lying On Top Of My Engine.. Erkkkkkkk Jassie Kapih Bah Udah Me Oleh U Eyh
Sunday Morning/Noon Attending Avg Semie's Wedding Ceremony
Kacak C Avg Atu
Sebelum Bergambar Ramai Test Shot Dulu Ah Well.. What A Poor Test Shot Heeeheeeheeee
Introducing Adam Asha'ari (Kalau Salah Eja Sori Aaa) To My Blog.. Heeee Baru Kami Pernah Berjumpa In Person Ni.. Heheheh Kiyot!
A Father And Father To Be.. Kiyut Adam Ah Dgn Sluar Jeansnya.. Cua Liat Mua C Jirul Kan Nyuruh Si Adam Nangis Ahahahahahaha.. Abah Adam No Comment Haha
True To The Bone!

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