Monday, May 23, 2011

During The Walkruncycle Event

Me With The Happy Shiny People Soakingly Wet Before The Run Cycle Start

Photo Courtesy Of Ranoadidas.Com Yang Banarnya Banyak Lagi Gambar-gambarku Kana Tag Masalahnya Aku Masa Ani In Denial.. 7 Months Living In Kb.. And My Body Just Go BOOOOM BOOOOOOOOOM KABOOOOOOMMMMMM.. Heh All Those Hardwork I Put Myself Into For The Past 2 Years Just Gone Cematu Saja.. Hehehe Ah Well I Dont Want To Gloat Berabis On That.. Its Only Makes Me Feel Down And Its Only Me That Can Change That.. Back To The Event Itself.. It Was Wet The Whole Time Hehehe.. Woke Up At Ard 4:30 Am Left The House At About 5 Am.. It Started To Rain As I Reached Sg Liang And It Gets Heavier After That.. Came Across Two Cars Accident.. Heh Time Subuh2 Waktu Kereta Nda Ramai Pun Kan Mau Laju2 Yth Akibatnya Tu.. Jalan Licin Mata Masih Ngantuk Drive Berlaju Ah Paham2 Lah.. Arrived In Bandar Just Past 6 Am.. Meeting Wan At Our Rendzevous Point In Kiulap Then Off To Bandar..
Bla Bla Meet Up With The Lads Then Biasalah Membuat Onar Di Taman The Plan Was Run Off At About 7:30 Am Tapinya Everything Seems To Be Running Late But Since It Was Raining Dont Care That Much.. The Run Start Feeling Good About It But Somehow When I Reached Kiulap Mulai Tah Ku Ngalih.. Heh Berlatih Saja P Nya On The Actual Kalah Leh Mentality.. Lampuh Bah Udah Yth Nda G Terbawai Mcm Dulu Hehe.. Kejumpaan Bro Kuyat So Mengambang Sekajap Bergambar.. It Was Kinda Tiring Jua Lah Well When You Do Lot Of Run Walk Run Walk.. But Yg Penting Sampai.. And Have A Good Time.. The Only Downside Since Aku Ani Nda Register Is Nada Sijil Heheheh Sabo Je Lah.. Yg Penting I Was There..

True To The Bone!

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