Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Trying To Wipe Off The Sleep Out Of My Face Hehe.. Since Yesterday Ive Been Having This Ngantuk-Lalah-Kantidosaja-Ngitis Syndrome.. I Haven't Been Waking Up Feeling Fresh Feel Tired All The Time.. Hairan.. Probably Because I Have A Long Weekend That Is Why.. Batah Nda Berjaur Seharian Then On Sunday Keluar Pagi Tangah Malam Baru Sampai Umah.. Then Monday Was Just Another Monday With Never Ending Workload.. Talking About Work.. Ive Been Expecting To Receive A Couple Of Photos From One Of The Company Here In Kb But Till Now I Haven't Receive It.. It Annoys Me Because I Have Stated The Matter Of Urgency To Them But Somehow They Have Taken It Lightly.. Since I'll Be Away From The Office Later On For Another Meeting At The Head Office In Bandar There Is A Slim Chance For Me To Finish This One Report On Time.. Might Just Give Them A Call Again Later And Press On It.. But If They Fail To Hand It In Again I Might Not Be That Friendly In My Report.. Memang Lurus Nya My Boss Dulu.. Most Of The Pengusaha Ani Bila Ia Berguna Barutah Macam Sibanar Minta Tolong Tapi Bila Udah Nda Ya Berguna Apa Saja Tani Minta Nda Ya Peduli.. Ah Well Its Their Lost Not Mine..
Btw Rindu Jua Ku Ni Masa Ani.. Tapinya Masih Jua Nda Kana Msg.. Ah Well Tunggu Saja Tia Sampai Kana Msg..

True To The Bone!

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