Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ahhh The Weekend Is Here

Ya Man The Weekend Is Here.. No Need To Rush My Work.. I'm Just Being Laid Back.. Especially With Me Feeling Sleepy Right Now.. And Its Around 11 Am While I'm Typing This Post And I Am Still Feeling Utterly Sleepy.. Can't Wait To Go Home And Just Sleep.. Might As Well I Pop Up At Soon Lee Later.. Need To Find A Good Windscreen Cleaner.. Jassie's Windscreen Is Looking Rather Sorry Right Now.. Was Using Some Sort Of Chemical Dad's Bought A Few Weeks Back And As A Result Of It The Windscreen Looks Bad.. So Here Is The Plan I'm Gonna Give Jassie A Thorough Was Later After Work But Something Inside Me Telling Me To Go For Another Run Later Then Have A Day Off Tomorrow And Give Jassie A Polish.. Well That Really Does Make A Lot Of Sense..

I Do Believe My Running Form Is Slowly But Surely Improving.. Thank God.. The Plan Is To Do A Distance Run Tomorrow But I Just Opted To Go For A Run Later.. I Was Thinking If I Can Be Consistent Enough Then I Won't Be Having Any Trouble Finishing The Walkruncycle Route Insya Allah.. Mudahan Jua My Knees Is Being Absolutely Friendly So Hip Hip Horray For Another Run Session Later..
True To The Bone!

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