Friday, May 06, 2011

So Its Friday Already

Hows Your Friday Guys? Any Better? Mine? Well It Was Still Is As It Was Like It Always Been Like The Usual Story Of My Life.. But Heh There Is No Point In Dwelling At It.. As I Said.. I'm Not Gonna Give Anyone A Headache Not Gonna Give 'Them' A Hard Time.. I'm Just Gonna Keep My Mouth Shut And Stay In Silence.. Let 'Them' Have A Good Time On Their Own.. If 'Them' Really Care About Me And Still Want To Be With Me Then 'They' Know My Number.. I'll Be Here Waiting But If 'They' Choose Not To Then So Be It.. 'They' Just Have To Say Goodbye To Me And I'll Be Gone.. No Question Ask =) That Is How My Mentality Is At The Moment.. Just Like Most Like To Say Go With The Flow.. Well I Will Kinda.. Kalau Org Sudi Alhamdulillah Kalau Tak Nak Apa Boleh Buat.. Like I Said I'm Always Around..

Enough About The Heartfelt Stuff And More About The Productive Side.. Heh Talking About Being Productive.. Had To Turn Up For Work Today Just To Finish Up My Report.. No Big Deal Really Haven't Got Anything Better To Do.. Plus Its Gonna Be A Long And Busy Day Tomorrow.. With Another Inspection At Sungai Bera Then I Need To Call One Of The Tenants Here.. Got A Task From Head Office Well A Few To Be Exact Done With Two So It Will Be A Real Rush Tomorrow.. I Just Hope I Have Enough Time To Finish All Of Them If Not Then So Be It At Least There Is Something To Do On Monday.. Its Better That I Have Lots To Do Then None At All.. Nda Ja.. So Adieu..
True To The Bone!

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