Hadith Rasulullah SAW

Sebaik-Baik Ucapan :

Daripada Abu Yaqazhan Ammar bin bin Yasir RA katanya aku telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesungguhnya seseorang yang memanjangkan sembahyangnya dan memendekkan khutbahnya adalah tanda orang yang memahami dalam urusan keagamaannya, sebab itu, panjangkanlah sembahyang dan pendekkanlah bacaan khutbah.”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yes I'm Still Bitter

Feeling Sleepy Right Now.. Slept Real Late Last Night.. Well Its More Off Waking Up In The Middle Of My Sleep And Just Laying Down And Lingering.. Things That I Hate The Most When I Let Out My Anger.. God I'm Still Is Bitter With The Way I've Been Treated But What Really Disappoint And More Over Infuriates Me Is That The Way My Family Being Treated.. Come On Enough With The Excuses You Just Don't Even Bother To Reply.. What Is Wrong With You.. Don't You Feel Guilty At All.. The Same Excuses One After Another.. Over And Over Again.. I Seriously Don't Know Where This Relationship Will Go.. Or Until When It Would Last But I'm Just Lingering Here.. And I Am Getting Tired.. Absolutely Tired With All This..
True To The Bone!

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