Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Monday The 14th Of March

So The First Thing I Will Settle Is Actually To Go To Hyundai's Showroom In KB. I Was Kinda Hoping If Durang Meng-Order Kan Replacement Parts. I Was Hoping Jua Yg Banarnya. Since My Previous Experience Berbulan Bulan Ku Menunggu.

The Weather Was Bad That Morning. With The Burning And Fog Jadi Smog And Then It Was Super Humid. Nda Batah Di Luar Batuk Batuk Ku Udah. That Was How Bad It Was. Luckily By Tgh Hari Everything Begin To Clear Up A Bit.

Enjoying My Morning Coffee Dulu Before Everyting Else And Then Updating My Mum's Phone Ehem Walaupun On Unlimited Data. Sayang Jua Internet Laju Atu. Gunakan Lah Gunakan Lah.

Went To The Dealership. Just For An Enquiry. If Its Available Or What Not Then Tahu Tahu They Parts Have Arrived. Okay I Was Joyful. I Don't Care If They Forgot To Call Me To Inform About The Parts Availability Like A Good Dealership Should Do. I Was In A Joyous Mood. There Is No More That Worry At The Back Of Your Head. And What Makes Me Even Happier Was The Cost Of Changing It With Upah Dalam $57 Saja Alhamdulillah Syukur. 

So The Only Worries Now Are Just The Car's Air Con. Lambat Kan Sajuk. As Well As I Am Thinking Of Kan Meng Cat Kereta Sal Ada Garit Sikit Bla bLa Bla

Just Another Epic KB's Sun Set. Lawa Aaa Lawa Aaaa. Totally Unfilter Ni.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Bah Kan 0530 Udah Balik Balik"

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