Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Run Last Sunday

Plan Asal Kan Have A Bit Of A Long Run. And I'm Not Kidding With The Amount Of Food I Gobble Up. A Pig Could Say Damn Man You Eat More Than A Pig! The Reason Why I Eat So Much Was To Anticipate My Morning Run. Nganya I Woke Up A Bit Late So I Started Really Late. And It Was Super Hot In Fact The Way I See It These Days. Especially With The Weather And Smog. You're Better Off Run In The Evening Because By Then The Weather Would Improve.

And Because Of The Heat I Was Beaten Man. Mental Ku Walaupun It Shows 2 Km But On The Last Few Leg I Was Actually Walking. I Keep On Talking To Myself Bah Bah Sikit Lagi Sikit Lagi Dapat Ni. Last Last Singgan Dewan Bandaran Beranti Tah Ku. Beaten But I Will Return.

The Rest Of The Day Was A Bit Insignificant Just Enjoying Some Downtime At Home. Ahir Atu Mendangani My Mum Memanyap Umah. And I Told Her Bahhhh. Ku Pakai Ni Ahh Orkid Untuk Hiasan Hantaran Ku. Basar Teriak Mu Haa Haa Haa.

Seems Fitting Ending This Post With A Belait Sun Set. Hehehe 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Takkk Keee Dungggg Disss"

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