Monday, March 14, 2016

Thursday The 10th Of March Part 1

Just One Of Those Day Where Its Gonna Be A Long One. Alhamdulillah I Managed To Siapkan My Task So Kurang Jua Ingau Ati Sikit Berurusan Di Bandar Atu.

First Order Of The Day I Went For A Morning Run. I've Been Slacking This Week So I Need To Get My Lazy Arse Up And Running.

Not Bad For A Morning Workout Especially The Last Time You Had A Jog Session Was About 4 Days Ago Kalau Nda Silap.

Mengamah. Rasa Bah Kan Keluar Duit Atu. Ada Sja Tia. Dugaan Jua Banar Ada Saja Bah. This Time Around Paip Bucur Tia.

Malas Ku Kan Singgah Kadai For A Proper Breakfast. Stopped By Saja Arah CB Sea View And Then Biasaklah Selpi Show Off Arah Group Chat. 

So From There Biasaklah Ive Got A Few Errands In Our Sg Bera Site And Then Another One At Serambangun Industrial Complexes Only Then Barutah Ku Sampai Ke Opis Bandar And It Was Already Pushing Lunch Time. Konon Kan Msg A Few Friends Bertanya If They're Up For Lunch. Sekali........

Free Lunch Yipeeee. Kiranya The Very Last And I Kid U Not The Very Last Mamam Mamam Held By PI Unit From X BINA. Honestly Its Heart Wrenching Attending This. Even Though There Is A Proper Send Off And Farewell Still Sedih Yo.

I Will Sorely Them Ladies And Their Food. Especially During Raya Gathering. Isk Isk Isk. Walaupun They Will Still Be Under DARe But They Were Moved To The New D And T Building At Anggrek. And Then A Few Faces Move To JPM As Well.

Since Aku Malas Kan Jalan For Lunch. So I Had A Few Discussion With Amal Regarding The Future. Talked About My Upcoming Wedding Preparation And Then What We're Going To Expect With DARe And Then I Found Out She Is Also Moving To JPM Office. Haiyo Makin Kurang Bah Org Yang Ku Kenal Aaa. Its Like Moving To A New Office. But It Isn't What Makes It Suck Big Time Is That The Surrounding Are Familiar But The Faces Aren't. I'm Gonna Miss My Laugher!

Sesi Petang Kami. Bergambar. Epic Aku Dapan Aa Macam Pegawai Haa Haa Haa Kesian Kajah Siti Awa Belakang Aa. Holding Her Tears Which Eventually Fallen Jua. I Shed A Few Tears Dalam Kereta. It Sucks. I Know i Will Eventually Bleh Jumpa Durang But You Just Can't Stop That Sadness. For Myself This Year Will Mark My Tenure Years In BINA 10 Years Of Services. Sadly Though Nda Kan Kesampaian Pasalnya By 1st Of April BINA Will Be Gone In Fact Its Gone Sudah.

Kediaku Yang 10 Tahun Ani Sudah Sedih Apalagi Durg Ani. Ada Yang Pushing 30 Years Bersama Lagi Banyak Kenangan. So Bila Ku Jumpa My Fiancee Later On That Afternoon. I Told Her I'm Glad I Went To Bandar For The Free Food And Farewell But The Afters! Didn't Enjoy It That Much.

Jumpa My Fiancee Kajap Pasal Kan Berjumpa Our Wedding Dressmaker. Wasn't Happy With The Treatment. I Mean Seriously When U Said Just Come Over Any Day In March. Then You Ought To Greet And Meet Your Customer Despite Your Busy Schedule. I Don't Care How Busy You Are. When You Said Kalau Kan Datang Msg. Then Bila Diri Datang At Least Walaupun Busy. At Least Tunjukkan Mua And Kalau Nda Terlayan Batah Batah Have The Courtesy To Say Guys I Am Sorry. Really Really Busy Bleh Tani Re-schedule Then Nyaman Hati. 

If You Guys Think Aku Kebasaran Then Let Me Clear This Out. Kalau Kau Walk In Saja Nada Appoinment Then Yes! But If You Have Paid Your Deposit And Your Paying More Than 1K Then By Right My Fiancee And I Should Get A Decent Treatment. Nda Payah Special Lah. So If You Are A Seller. Customer Service Is Important. Yes I Get Customer Banyak Ulah But Kalau Nda Sanggup Melayan Then Jgn Ber Bisnes. As Harsh As It May Sound But Atu Asam Garam Bah Kalau Berurusan Dengan Orang Ramai. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE = BAD REPUTATION MAY LEAD TO LOSS IN BUSINESS.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Stay Tune For Part 2"

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