Thursday, March 03, 2016

Thursday The 3rd Of March 2016 Part 1

Woke Up Super Early Today. Plan Asal Kan Morning Run Then It Was Raining Heavily In Kb Alhamdulillah. Last Minute Information Being Shared Yesterday That Our SUT Wanted To Visit KB Complexes And Industrial Sites.

Looking Super Swag Well Kinda. Korol Mulai Luruh Because Of Berhujan.

Korol Kompom Luruh Pasal Berhujan. Menyampati Selfie. Yth Nganya Masa Ku Berani Ni When All Our SUT, Boss And Head Of Sections Concentrate Di Dalam Haa Haa Haa.

Final Destination Spark Building In Sg Liang. Our Boss Kinda Memujuk-mujuk Kami Pindah Di Sini. Nganya The Building Is Lawa The Ambiance Nda. Kusut Utak Ni Nda Berorang. Anyhoot As Our SUT Ordered At Sg Bera. He Expected A Report At The End Of The Day. So Myself And My Senior Was Asked To Compile The Report On Today's Visit. 

Been Told To Finish It By 1:30 Pm By The Time We Finished The Discussion It Was About 12 Ish Balum Lagi Makan. Then Kana Suruh Siap By 2:30-2:45 Pm.

Shared With My Fiancee The Photo Above As A Joke. But What I'm Not Joking About Is That I Am Currently Sufferring From A Massive Headache. Kompom Migraine Gayanya Ni.

I'd Be Needing That Panadol Soon. So Awal Ku Balik Today! Tahlil NIght Yaw!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Life In A Corporate Body Begins"

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