Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tuesday The 8th Of March

Another Tuesday And Then With My Work Load And I Thought Wow I'm Coping Well Ehemm Boleh Lahhh. I Just Need To Be Rajin Saja. In Shaa Allah I Can Do This.

Damn Huge Crane In Front Of Me. Time Org Sibuk Sibuk Kan Inspect Site Ada Tah Ya Melintas. Fuckers Even Dare To Drive Through This Road. Mana Nda Hancur Jeraya.

There You Go. Stack Of Files That I Need To Process. On My Desk Yang Alum Berbuat. Atas Lantai Yang Udah Settle Hahaha. Syabas.

Alhamdulillah Though By Afternoon I Managed To Settle Everything. Happy Man.

Before Balik Umah Menyampati Jadi Lanun. Atu Laju The Speed Heheheh Nda Dpt Di Amalkan Eee.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Okay Lets Go Home Pukul 7 Udah"

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