Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Has Been Going On This Few Days

I Haven't Been Quite Active This Last Few Days. And I Was A Bit Stressed Out With Work. And Then With The Wedding Preparation And Such. And Honestly I'm Not Gonna Share More About This. Sal Aku Malas Hehe So Hey Lets Talk About The Past Now Nyahaha.

So Its A Bit Of Headache In Trying To Set Up The Invitation Card. Nda Plang Over The Top My Jemputan Just Nice. Behapa Jua Kan Banar Banar Membuat Yang Mahal At The End Of The Day Ke Tong Sampah Jua Tujunya. Kan Kan.

Ani Pun I Was Checking The Draft Since A Few Things And Name Kana Overlooked. In Fact Timing Pun Ada Jua Kan Di Usai Semula So By Now Everything Has Been Settled. My Dad Was Sweet Enough TO Pay For The Advance First. So I Need To Cover The Rest And Pay Him Back.

Tadaaaaaaa Well Its Not In This Coiour Plang Nantitah Ku Share Nyaahaahaahaa.

And Then I Have Settled My Summon. $50 Bah Mun Kediaku Bah Seimnggu Punya Belanja Lapas. Damn! It But What To Do Udah Cuai Diri. Berlaju Lagi Nah Nah Nah.

Tuesday Night And The Night Run. Not Bad Though. Felt Fresh Before The Run. Didn't Hurt Or Struggle Much During The Run. And As A Result I Managed To Widen The Lap. Maybe I Should Go Another Round Next Time. But It Was 4 Days Since My Last Run And I Consider That As A Long Hiatus. Improve On The Timing And Distance A Bit. Should Have Gone For An Extra Lap. Not Bad Though Since I've Calculated Everything It Was Around 2 Km Jua. Need To Improve Now. I Can't Really Be Doing 2 Km All The Time.

Work Work Work. Heheheh I Really Love My Sembonia Shoes. Darinya Nda Berpakai. Pakai Saja Tia Untuk Keraja. Tapi Entadi Bila Ku Kluar Berkeraja Ada Aing Bertakung. Cua Cua Jauh Berliun Haa Haa Haa

Work Has Been Easy These Week Alhamdulillah. Nganya Ya Lah Past Experience Taught Me That A Week Of Easy Will Lead To A Weak Of Hard. Well That's Life Jua Kan. Roda Roda Kehidupan Baa Ahhh Nda Ja.

Had A Lil Work At Sg Bera Site. It Has Been A Stressful Day Yesterday. Mana Lagi Lingka Yang Memutung Rumput Membual. So It Kinda Pisses You Off. Iatah I Hated Dealing With Some Of These Banglas Contractor. Pembual Nauzubillah. I Hated It So Much.

Vsco Cam New Updates I Especially Love The Two Toggles Focus And Exposure. Its Easily Moveable As Well So You Can Move On Which Part Of The Picture That You Want To Focus On And Such. Need La!

Pada Yang Paham Dan Pada Yang Tahu Will Get It Why I Posted This Photo Haa Haa Haa.

Alhamdulillah For Today. Been Berurusan With Bibd And Bibd At Tamwil Today. I know Where I Stand. I Hope Nda Batah Menunggu Saja. Bla Bla Bla Black Sheep Laa laa Laa Laa Laa Hahahah.

So I Suppose This Gonna Be My Last Post For March. Alhamdulillah Lebih Satu Lahh Dari Tahun Lapas So Yeah Objective Masih Di Kekal. And Then The Next Time Kamu Baca Post Yang Baru It Will Be In April Hahahah Mr Obvious Jua Eh.

Anyhow I Hope Everyone Had A Very Fine March. If Not Pun Hey. Look Up You'll Be A Better Person In April. More Tahan Pukul. So Wherever You Are Do Take Care. Don't Take Thing Too Serious All The Time. Take It As Easy As You Could. Its Life Man! 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Awu Eh Its Life Man"

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