Monday, March 28, 2016

Tuesday The 22nd And Wednesday The 23rd Of March

So What Shall I Start With Eh Honestly I'm Doing A Post About Tuesday And Wednesday On A Sunday. Yeppp I'm At The Office Right Now. I'm Just Gonna Have A Quite Sunday. Resting And Let My Muscle Recover Even Though I Kinda Plan Of Going To The Gym And Out For A Run Later. Well Its Only A Plan I Rather Wash Sonya Later Before Maghrib. 

Not Much Too Share For Tuesday Jua Bah. Just Went For A Run You Know Just Want To Upgrade Saja Or Like Tambah Saja What I Did Last Sunday Which Was Not Much. Even Today Pun Not Much Jua Because I Was Still In A Super Duper Lazy Mode. So 1.87 Km Saja Olehku. Very Poor!

Cana Kan Mau Turun Badan Cani?????????????????? Kalau Malas!

So Roll Over To Wednesday Then. Iatah Yang Ku Mamam Selalu Ni. Well Over The Last Week. An Apple For Breakfast. In Fact I Have Been Quite Spare With The Food Intake. Keyword Quite Hahaha I've Been Gobbling Up Saja Last Few Weeks And It Starting To Show. Sigh The High And Lows Man The High And Lows Of Trying To Lose Weight.

Work Work Work And I Never Thought That The Next Few Days Gonna Be Extra Hard. 

This Should Help Me Get Through The Day Well I Was Kinda Craving For Months Jua And I Thought Yeah Why Not. I Just Had To Make Sure To Burn It Later Teeheehee.

Burn It Off I Did. Yeah Yeah If You Look At The Distance Nda Plang Jauh But I Managed To Forced My Legs To Drag My Fat Ass Body 3 Rounds Around This Circuit. And When I Calculate It Out. I Hit 2Km. Not Bad Mama Not Bad At All. And It Was A Humid Night As Well So I Was Really Drenched In Sweat.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Internet In The Office Sucks."

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