Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday The 4th Of March

Waking Up Early This Morning Padahal Ahir Ku Tidor Last Night And Even Though It Was A Long Day Last Thursday. Well Long Day And Night I Still Managed To Wake Up Early. I Woke Up At 5 If Im Not Mistaken Then I Thought I Shall Stay Up For Early Subuh Prayer Then Sleep Again For 30 Mins. And It Subuh Prayer Time Was Not In Yet So I Chose To Buat Sembahyang Tahjud And Witir. Reminder Guys Kalau Kamu Buat Solat Sunat Better Finish It Off With Witir 3 Rakaat. Besar Fadhilat Nya.

Then I Did Went To Sleep For Maybe 15 Mins Then My Sister Nurul Woke Me Up. She Off Early Since Today She Has Her Introductory Thingy At LNG. Syukur Alhamdulillah For Her. Berkeraja Jua Ahirnya.

So By Then I Thought Fuck This Im Off For A Morning Jog Since It Was About 4 Days Since My Last Run. Too Busy And Body Too Tired To Run. Suited Up And I Thought I Just Gonna Go Easy Berlari Kawasan Rumah Didn't I Know The Route I Took Was Around 2 Km. Pleasant Surprised That Was.

 And I Thought Is Not Going To Be One Stressful Day. How Wrong Am I. Sorry Guys Its Official The Weekend Now I Just Don't Want To Let The Negative Vibe Ruined My Weekend. I Just Need To Take It As Positive As I Could And See It As A Learning Experience. 

Then i Went To Serambangun Site In Ttg Rendzevous With My Officemate For Site Visit. My Goodness I Almost Puke At This Place. The Rotten Fish Smell Was Just Unbearable And I Just Had My Breakfast.

Parted Ways And I Am Off To Bandar While Considering Will I Be Arriving My Office Right On Time. 

Membari Stress. Off To Ash Shaliheen Then. Before That Ronda Ronda Ku Dulu Membuang Buang Masa.

Kalau Ku Keraja Di Bandar Then Biasalah Bro And Sis Di Sini Tah Tujuku. Owh Btw Brilliant Khutbah Today.
Since Time Was A Bit Constraint. My Fiancee Was Being So Sweet And Packed Me Food For Lunch. Yummy Food Tasted Better When Its Prepared By Your Loved Ones.

Only Managed To Eat It After Aku Selasai Keraja. Can't Finish Everything So I Shared My Food With Our Security Guard. Berpahala Jua Kan.

Went Back Home Soon After And Guess What I Didn't Gone Back Home Like The Usual. Straight Back At The Office. I Still Have Discussion With One Company Regarding One Issue. Then Well Rahsia Lah Tu Aaa Can't Share Anything.

P/s Baju Ku Sama Baju Kemarin Kan Sama Warnanya But Its Not!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Well This Is What I Want. DARe! I Dare Be Ready!"

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