Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tuesday The 23rd Of February

Woke Up A Bit Late But At Least I Had A Decent Sleep. Haven't Been Enjoying Sleep Lately With All These Worrying About Work. So I Woke Up Just In Time To Watch The Live Telecast Of Brunei National Day Celebration. And As Usual My Ulah. Meliat Org Berbaris. Ketawakan Kalau Karau Macam Robot Then Bila Ada Org Lawa I Go Wooooo Atu Chicks! Hahaha

Okay 23rd Of February Also Happens To Be My Uncle's Birthday. So This Year He Turns 60 Warga Emas Sudah And Apalagi My Cousins Sharing This Photos. Gonna Have A Family Function Tonight.

So Before I Off To Bandar Lets Have A Pre Makan Makan Run. Just A Maintenance Run. Most The Time Aku Belusir Melawan Angin But I Do Enjoy The Run. Hehe

Then Balik Jogging My Mum Panggil Wadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dangankan Menggoreng Mee. Nyahahahah Makan Tah Kamu Masin Masin Paluh Ku Aaa. And As Usual Laku Bah Laku Nyaman Tah Banar Paluh Ku Atu. Sampai Aku Sendiri Pun Nda Ampit Bah Kan Makan Mee Aaa.

Lets Go To Bandar Then. Slow Traffic Hence That Speed Hence Me Being Able To Snap This Photo.

Here I Shared Some Of The Photos Of That Night. Didn't Fancy To Walk About Due To I Was Tired From The Earlier Run So I Just Sat At The Table Walked To The Food Station Back To The Table Hahaha. 

And Then Ngam Lagi Kami Bertamu Semeja So The Coffee Flow Was Non Stop. And Because Of This Ya Allah Jarih Ku Esok Paginya. I Began To Suffer From Migraine Due To Lack Of Sleep. And That Damn Things Goes On And On And On Until Saturday. Siuk Kan!

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Biasaaa Biasaaaa Biasaaa Biasaaa"

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