Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Saturday The 5th Of March

Day Off Man Day Off After All The Heavy Workload That I Have Been Dumped At. Well I Still Have Some More Waiting To Be Dealt On Monday I Thought I'm Gonna Enjoy My Weekend. So I Have Set A Few Appoinment With A Few Group Of Friends. So Bandar Trip It Is Then.

Bandar Trip Here I Go. First Up Rendzevous With My Dad And Sis Wani At Immigration Bandar. Short Stop Saja Then After That Off To Lunch Dates.

Had Lunch With Jirul And Yus At Lamee. Kinda Craving For Mongolian Sauce Chicken Chop. Nda Nyamai This Time. Pemasin Chefnya And Of Course A Trip To Lamee Is Not Complete Without Ordering Chicken And Beef Dumpling Soup Hehehe.

Then Stopped By Di Opis Beribi Kajap Pasalnya Security Yang Duty Sehari Atu Kawan Geng Kami. So Siuk Lah. Then Hj Ahmad Stopped By Kajap Ngantar His Wife Then Biasalah Kalau Aku Nda Yang Mengambar Kedia Candid. Aku Yang Mengambar Kedia Candid Btw Tangan Ku Mendamit Laaa.

Sampai Sini. Haha Kabak Kabak Ku Jua. Its My First Time Masuk Sini And Instantly I Was In Awe.

Actually Ramai Lagi Dangan Ku Lepak Tapi Ani Yang Awal Danganku. By The End Of The Day I Managed Tu Buat Onar Di Kantin Jabatan Tenaga. Damn I Didn't Realized Ada Org Meeting Di Bilik Kantin. My Bad! Saturday Dude! Take A Chill Pill. Hahaha.

Been A Great Saturday. Giving The Thumbs Up For It Too. Teeheeehee.

And I Ended My Saturday Watching Mad Max Fury Road. Damn Good Movie. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Saturday Well Spent!"

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