Thursday, January 26, 2017

Today's Thought

Ada Acara Di Rumah Kb Malam Ani. And Since Its All Ladies Event So Myself Are Stuck In My Room. Wife Is Currently Busy In The Kitchen With My Sisters Preparing For Tonight's Meal. I'm On My Short Leave At The Moment. Kinda Feeling Gutted Though As I Really Thought Next Monday Will Be An Off Day For DARe's Staff Since Chinese New Year Was On Saturday. Owh How Wrong I Am.

Biasalah Udah Nya Cuti Atu Macam Malas Ku Kan Masuk Keraja Next Monday But Hey Life Goes On! At Least This Time I Did Went To Miri With My Wife So That Was Eventful. Been A Testing Last Few Weeks I Must Add. Especially Last Week. I Wish I Could Share More With You Guys But I Won't Share Deep Personal Stuff In Here. Sorry Guys.

All I Can Say Is That It Is One Of Life's Lesson. Another Test From Allah Subhannallah Taala And We As A Muslims Have To Be Redha With What Has Happened. As I Mentioned Earlier Life Just Have To Go On. 

I've Been Suffering With Cough. So Bad That I Was Out Of Breath. And Then When We Were In Miri My Sinus Was Giving A Hard Time With Running Nose And A Non Stop Headache. Fucking Bitch! Haha.

I Really Wanted To Type More But Currently I'm Using My Sister's Lappie And This Thing Have A Very Sensitive Mouse Gesture And I Am Struggling While Typing. I Have A Big Claw And It Keep On Touching The The Mouse Pad! Ughhhhhhhhh

In Shaa Allah We Will Be Stronger After This.

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