Friday, January 20, 2017

The Wednesday 11th Of January 2017

Another Hari Yang Kurang Cerita Hehehe. Told You Guys I Was Dead Busy With Work Hence The Short Story Saja.

Mum Lately Love Trying New Recipes Yang My Dad Tunjukkan Di Facebook. Just Like This One. Rendang Perlis If I'm Not Mistaken. And The Taste? Well I Love It. And The Beef Lagi My Mum Sengaja Putung In Large Chunks. Sedap!

Its Tiring Lately Mo. The Commute Felt Long. Honestly I'll Be Taking A Week Off From Work Soon So Maybe That Was The Effect Of My Restlessness. Nda Sabar Kan Bercuti.

And Of Course My Night Is Not Complete Kalau Si Bacai Ani Nda Mau Bilik And Spend Time With Me. Cua Liat Tu Caranya Memegang Sluarku Aa.

Tadaaa Guys.

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