Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Tuesday 3rd Of January And The Wednesday 4th Of January 2017

Owh I Haven't Wipe The Sleep Of My Face Hehehe Siuk Bah Long Weekend Atu. I Really Love Those Saturday To Monday Off. Felt Like I'm Having A 2 Weeks Holiday Although Literally I Really Am Having Holidays In A Space Of Two Weeks. If That Makes Any Sense Plang Tu Aa.

Since My Team Leader Bercuti And Aku Pun Masih Lagi Dalam Mood Cuti. I Told My Colleague Roza That Aku Malas Kan Concentrate On Work Today. Kalau Ada Kana Email Barutah Ku Bothered Kan Buat Keraja Hahahaha Adang Luan Nya C Yus Ni Kalau Kedia Meliat.

A Friend Ordered My Mum's Briyani Daging For Wednesday And Since Durg Ani Org Bandar So I Asked My Dad Saja Delivered Kan Ke Bandar. 

Food Safely Delivered And Of Course A Happy Customer Giving Out A Positive Review. Alhamdulillah.

Cometh The New Year And Cometh The New Look For My Blog And Personally I Really Do Love The New Design Of My Blog. Its Really Simple. Easier On The Eyes As Well. Loving It!

You Know What Guys I Have This Knack Of Leaving The Car Key Hanging While Using This Car. Banar Tah Terbiasa Dengan Ngatik Ngatik Bah. Cua Nahhhhhhhh Ishhhhhhh! Faktor Usia Bah.

See You In The Next Post.

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