Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Thursday 26th Of January 2017

And Now Lets Talk About Thursday And What We Did Hehe.

A Friend Texted Asking Me If That Was Me. Told Him That Was My Dad. My Parents Went To Bandar For Another Groceries Shopping. Hilang Plan Kan Polish And Cuci Kereta Gue. Ish.

While Kami Di Kb Went Out Just After Lunch. My Wife Had A Few Errands To Do Then She Wanted To Grab Some Coconut Ice Cream. So Aku Pusing And Pusing At Last Kejumpaan Tah Jua. Actually Durg Pindah To A New Place Taus Bertukar Nama Jua. Don't Know Why Well I Heard Unconfirmed News Nganya Malas Lah Kan Share.

Managed To Catch The Semi Final Game Of The Australian Open. Woohooo Go Roger! 

My Hard Working Preparing The Food For Our Guests. Owh If You Guys Are Wondering She Is Wearing The Latest Tudong From Ariani Hahahahahaha.

Alhamdulillah The Turn Out Was Great. The Ladies Even Requested Me To Bacakan Doa Selamat At The End Of The Function. Semoga Segala Amal Ibadah Diterima Oleh Allah Subhanallah Taala. Amin Ya Rabb.

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