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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Monday 2nd Of January 2017

Owh This Gonna Be A Very Long Post. Enjoy The Journey Guys.

Woke Up Early With My Wife And Ketawa Ketawa. We Had This Running Joke Among Ourselves. " Yang Cuti Jua Ni. Mengapa Mesti Tani Bangun Awalkan" And We Laugh Our Heads Off Padahal Nda Jua Cali Sangat Pun. 

Then The Contractor Told Me Yang Durang Sudah Start Kerja Desilting Longkang And This Mark The Start Of Me Memangku My Team Leader And Hence Why Blog Ku Nda Berapa Update. Ada Saja Kan Dibuat.

Boy It Was One Hot Morning. Plan Kan Belusir Cua Awal Pagi Makan Nasi Briyani And Soup Tulang Hahahaha Syabas Wadi And Zura.

Before Heading To Bandar My Wife Requested That We Stopped By At The Coconut Ice Cream Place And Since My Dad, My Sisters Wani And Alai Ikut Kami So Suara Ramai Lah Semua Mau Ke Sana. Singgah Tah Dulu. In Case Kamu Wondering Where's My Mom And My Other Sister Nurul. Durang Awal Pagi Dah Jalan Ke Bandar Pasal My Amit Request My Mum Memasak Untuk Function Di Petang Hari. I Shared This Photo On IG And That Annoyed Nurul Hahahaha Sabar Sha!

Its Jazia's Second Birthday And We Are Going There Yay! Hehehehehe. 

We Were Among The Early Birds So I Got The Chance To Took A Few Snaps. And Aku Was Super Eski When I Found Out There Was Karaoke Too! Wooohooo Ada Harapan MaNYUMBANGkan Satu Dua Buah Lagu. Ada Slide And Ada Face Painting Too. Owh Talking About The Slide Berkisah Tu Cali Hantap I Will Post The Video Of That And Other Videos In This Post As Well.

And So The Acara Begins. Love That Murtabak Talor But Lakas Abis Since Everyone Opted For It Udah Abis Murtabak Talor Barutah Kana Gunai Murtabak Kosong. Owh How I Crave For Murtabak Daging At This Very Moment.

The Little Sinchan Got A Eye Brow Make Do Hahahah Jahat Bah Durang Ani. Owh Btw Alai Imran Is No Longer The Youngest Boy Or The Youngest Cucu In My Tua Household. His Bungsu Bini Just Gave Birth To A Baby Boy Earlier That Day Kalau Aku Nda Silap Heheh And I Haven't Had The Chance To Meet Him Yet.

Happy Birthday Again Jazia. Wawa Boy And Wawa Girl Really Enjoyed Your Birthday Celebration. Semoga Jazia Will Grow Into A More Beautiful Girl, Hormat Kan Org Tua, Menjadi Anak Yang Soleha Dan Berjaya Dalam Hidup. Thanks For The Invitation Too.

And While Everyone Was Busy Enjoying Their Food. I Took A Video Of The Three Stooges Playing The Water Slide. Told Najib To Slide Down But Since I Know He Is Quite Heavy The Splashes Will Be Massive. He Slid Down And The Splashes Was Massive Indeed But Out Of The Blue My Dad Walked Into The Path And Good Full Smacked Of The Water Splash. Owh That Was A Good Laugh Hahahaha.

Sing Song Time Yehaaaaaaaaaa.

Took This Photo From The Karaoke's Facebook Page. KELIK

While Kami Yang Muda Muda Belia Ani MaNYUMBANGkan Lagu Buat Hiburan Org Org Di Kg Rimba Atu My Bungsus And My Amits Enjoying Soup Tulang Di Atas Ahahahah Kuat Makan Eh!

Before Kami Balik I Asked Fared If We Can Took The Little Pony Balloon Home. He Said Bah Ambil Tia. Took One Just For Daniya Ayesha Hehe.


A Few Videos Of Me Singing Songing That Night Hahaha Screw The Grammar!

See You In The Next Post Guys!

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