Sunday, January 29, 2017

Eh Bercerita Ku

Lets Not Do The Normal Post For Once Eh!

My Wife's Family Been Busting Their Butts Selling Chicken Pies Lately And Alhamdulillah Sales Are Getting Better. This One Shared By My Colleague In DARE. Sampai Hajat Durg Meng Order From My Wife. Hopefully This Won't Be The Last Time.

Our Day Or Night Will Not Be Complete If These Two Munchkins Nda Spend Time Dalam Bilik Kami. Nganya Adik Lately Takut Kan Aku. Kalau Dulu Capat Tu Ya Minta Kipak. Nowadays Sekajap Saja For Like 5 Secs Pastu Jagaa Naik Tia Kakinya Ke Dadaku Minta Turunkan. Uwaaaa.

Tuesday The 17th Of January Was A Day Of Full Pain In The Ass. Hehehehe Malas Ku Go Into Details Sal Work Story Is Bloody Boring Kalau Di Share Between Strangers :p.

Ciku Untuk Dibawa Balik Ke Sg Tampoi.

Been Suffering From Mild Cough Lately And With That Come The Dreading Short Of Breath. Gosh! I Hated That.

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