Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Monday 30th Of January 2017

Back At Work And My Sinus Was Killing Me! 

What A Weather It Was Yesterday! 

Sigh! Cuatah Nda Keraja On Monday Ani. But The Bosses Takut Pehin Melawat Di Bandar So Friday Tah Saja Cutinya And Terkandung Lah Cutiku. Owh Yeah In Case You're Wondering Awu Ada Pehin Melawat Di Bandar. KB Industry Was Super Quiet Since Most Of The Oil And Gas Companies Bercuti Masih. Ughhhh! Aku Cemburu!

Wooohooo Somebody Was Nice Enough To Bagi Us Limau Wooohoooo!

One Miss Never Miss A Breakfast!

When You Have To Troll Them Americans And Their Wall Haha!

My Sinus Was A Real Bitch At This Time!

My Wife Was Feeling Under The Weather Last Night. So I Said Bah Jantah Masak But She Felt Bad And Membawa Tah Kedia Makan Luar. Awal Atu Kan Makan Di Substation But Since My Nose Was Being A Total Bitch! We Went To Taro And I Had Bakso. Makan Padas Help Cleared My Sinus A Bit But As The Night Progress It Gets Worse!

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