Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Tuesday 24th Of January 2017

My Wife Needs To Turn Up For Work That Morning So Before Sending Her To Work We Went For A Quick Breakkie At Taurean The Arch Gadong.

Not Bad Lah The Breakkie Option Ani. A Few Toast Then This Should Feel Me Up The Til High Tea But It Wasn't To Be. Too Bad. 

Atu Classic Astro Decoder Nya Ani. Baru Ya The Original Version Hahaha Well If Its Still Work Why Bother Changing It Right. Ermm Really?

Saw A Suburban. Man This SUV Is Huge. Aku Pun Kiyal Kiyal Makai Ni Kereta Ani. I Wonder Hows The Fuel Range Are.

While Waiting For My Wife Siap Keraja. Went To The Usual Cc Place And Just Enjoy Jadi Lanun Hehe.

Spending A Few Times With The Munchkins Before Going Back To KB. Hehehehehe.

Niya Cana Mua Kiut Please?? Hahaha

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