Friday, January 20, 2017

The Sunday 8th Of January 2017

I Called This Sunday Splunking. Didn't Do Much In The Morning. Pasalnya My Wife Went Out With Her Colleague For An Office Function. Hari Keluarga Di Pantai Berakas. So Once I Woke Up I Just Went Out And Gave Sonya's A Wash.

Then Tgh Hari Just Stayed In Relaxing Before Keluar Lagi Ptg Atu. Ada A Small Get Together At Hj Faeiz's New Place.

Apparently Hj Faeiz Pindah Udah Armada Housing Yatah Bila Ku Found Out Ku Gtau Lah Nanti Melawat Then Most Of My Friends In Our Circle Pun Kan Join. So We Did A Short Plan And Berkumpul On Sunday Ani.

Good Food Good Company Good Time.

Sofea And Damia Geng Sudah Haha.

Bergambar Atu Wajib!

Last Two! Haha Thanks Hj Faeiz And Mizy For The Hospitality.

Tata Peeps!

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