Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Wednesday 25th Of January 2017

My Wife Requested A Few Things That We Do During Our Leave So I Am Planning Of Making Good On That List. One!

Having Breakfast At My Nini Jinab's Gerai Here In Tudung Saji Kb. Baik Jua Ada Seat Biasalah Kan Namanya Jua During Terima Kompom Panuh. Rezeki My Wife Tah Banar Kan. Dad's Belanja The Noodles Aku Belanja The Ayams.

Wife's Faves Mee Goreng With Urat Goreng On Top. And Teh Tarik Kurang Manis On The Side.

And Of Course Mee Goreng Kawin For Myself Hehehehe Mana Boleh Berubah Ni Barang Nyaman Ani.

Also You Must Never Forget About A Bowl Of Hot Steamy Soup Nyummm Nyummmmmmm.

And Of Course You Must Never Forget About Qawi's Chicken Rice. Well Just The Chicken Servings Saja Hehe.

Good Food = Happy Tummy = Happy Man = Owh Boy The Cholesterol Are Coming Back Fast!

Part Two Of My Wife's Request. Day Trip To Miri. Actually My Parents Kan Ke Bandar Pagi Atu To Buy Supply Untuk Acara Mengaji Al-Quraan On Thursday Night. I Told Them That Aku Nda Konpiden Berjalan Ke Miri Berdua Sama Si Zura Pasalnya Bukannya Ku Hafal Banar Jalan Sana Atu. So My Parents Pun Mau Lerr Hehehe. Anak Kesayangan Beb!

First Stop After Nukar Duit. Mum Wanted To Go To Econosave Store At Lutong. And I Got To Say Some Of The Groceries Are Cheap If You Compare It Dengan Giant And Stuff. Of Course I Am Not Denying Yang Harga Minyak Butul Di Miri Mahal Masa Ani. As My Mother In Law Told Us Yang The Subsidy For Cooking Oil Has Been Lifted Hence It Is Cheaper To But Cooking Oil In Brunei.

Then We Went To Permaisuri Mall Pasal My Wife Kan Makan Di Food Court Nya Heheheh Usie Lah Sekajap Since Ada Display CNY Atu.

My Colleague Roza Told Me About This Nasi Lemak Berempah Stall Yang Nyaman Berabis. So I Ordered Nasi Lemak Berempah Special And Yes I Can Concur It Is Yummy. If You're Wondering Di Mana. The Stall Stand Next To The Churros Stand. You Can't Miss It.

My Father In Law Called Up My Wife Last Tuesday Asking If We Don't Mind Grabbing A Few Tops For My Brother In Law. So We Went To Padini And Did Just That. How I Wish I Am A Few Stone Lighter And A Few Inches Smaller. Maybe I Could Fit In This Shirts Jua. Too Bad! Stay Plumpy Wadi!

One Usie Before Heading Back Home To Kb.

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