Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Thursday 19th Of January 2017

Received A Complain On Tuesday Then Called Up The Contractor And He Can Only Mobilize His Workers On Thursday Morning. So I Told Him First Thing Thursday Morning I Want Everything Done. Alhamdulillah Nada Masalah And More Importantly Nda Berapa Panas That Thursday Morning. Nda Jua Galap Gulita Mua Ku Haha. Bloody Hell Mate! Can't Wait For This Week To Be Done. My Short Leave Can't Come Sooner.

I Always Loves Driving My Dad's Serena. Bakal Saja Currently Roadtax Nya Mansuh Hahaha Don't Judge Me I Just Don't Care. Mun Nda Ku Pakai Ni Hari Hari As My Work Horse! And I Totally Forgot About That Faulty Speedo! I Don't Really Need It Though Bukannya Laju Sangat Pun Kereta Bapaku Ani.

And Of Course Since Its A Thursday This Week Aku Turun Ke Bandar For Tahlil Night. Malar Udah Ku Miss Out.

And If You Think Daniya Ayesha Is Clingy. This Boy Here Alai Najib. Membari Malas Ni Kalau Nya Kan Berulit. Mun Nya Ringan Bisai Jua Ani.......... Hahaha.

Since I Don't Feeling Great And Then Batuk Ani Lagi Dalam Rasanya. Told My Dad Bah Gilirkan Ku Please. Did This For Two Days Straight. Damn It Is Super Painful But If You Wanna Get Better You Just Have To Brave It!

Lets Just Fit In Friday Aaa Since I've Got Nothing Much To Share Jua Bah. Adra Was In The House. Si Baby Tabam Ani. Still Scared Of Me. At One Time Her Mum Needs To Go To The Loo So She Walked Silently Behind Her Back And Me Trying As Hard To Distract Her. Then Udahnya Selasai Taus Mamanya Tagur Keluar Lah Drama Ketakutan Iatah Kana Paluk Taus Atu Haha.

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