Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday The 16th Of August

I Shall Say I Stayed Up Late Last Night And Because Of That I Woke Up Late This Morning. Plan Was Kan Mendangani Durg My Parents Ke Bandar Attending Taklimat Darussalam Holding For Bakal Bakal Haji Tahun Ani. Owh I Haven't Inform Kah. My Parents Kompom Penerbangan Pertama Which Is On The 30th Of This Month. 

So Most Of My Sunday Was Spent On My Bed Tidur Bangun Tidur And Television. Udah Ahir Ahir Atu Barutah I Thought I Can't Do This. I Need To Catch Some Sunlight And Air.

Some Goodies For Bakal Jemaah Haji Lelaki And Perempuan From Darussalam Holding.

And Then Of Course One Selpi Narsis Untuk My Beloved Reader Wakekeke.

Bunga Kuduk Kuduk Kalau Bakas Luka Gosokkan Saja In Shaa Allah Lakas Bisai Semula Kulit Mua Nya Durg. But Seingatku During The Time When I Had My Bicycle Accident. Lawa Kali Aa Bertompok Hitam Mua Ku. Esok Esok Ku Mencari Gambarnya Wakekeke.

Driving Around Kb Town Looking Around At The Current Preparation For Majlis Ramah Mesra With His Majesty Next Saturday. Alum Siap Banar And I'm During The Last Few Days This Place Will Look Super Lively. And The Last Photo Was My Old School. Sekolah Rendah Kuala Belait. If You Must Know Lah Tu Wakekeke.

Catching The Last Of Syawal Sunset For Brunei Darussalam. As Maghrib Enters It Would Be Zulkaedah. No More Lagu Raya On The Radio Eh.. Hehe

I Just Feel Like I Wanna Go To The Seaside. Tapinya Aku Malas Kan Batah Batah Takut Ku Timbul Batuk. Biasalah Batuk Ku Kakal Babal Alum Tah Ya Mau Baik. And My Friends I Shall Say That Is About The End Of My Sunday And The Long Weekend. Wakekeke.

Owh Btw If You Guys Wondering Why I Keep On Posting Lirik Lagu Yang Sedih. Its Nothing To Do With My Current Love Relations. Pretty Much Happy With What I Have At The Moment. Alhamdulillah. I Just Downloaded Those Songs And Felt In Love With It. Iatah Kan Share Atu. Okay.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe BOne!

"No Idea Why I Keep On Using Wakeke"

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