Friday, August 07, 2015

August 2015

I Know I Know Its A Bit Late When It Comes To Welcoming The Month Of August In My Blog. Not That It Matters But Hey At Least Lets Talk About Something Apart From The Raya Post That I Have Been Doing Lately Right.

Sedar Tak Sedar Dah Masuk Bulan Ogos. That Was Quick. And Now Pun Dah Masuk The Final Ten Days Of Syawal. And I Swear To God The Memory Of Ramadhan Is Still Clear With Me. 

I'm Still Sick Apparently. It Kinda Sucks Big Time. I'm Not Sure Either Aku Ani Ampus And Honestly Kekadang Sampit Rasa Belakang Ku Oleh Batuk Ani. Dari Awal Bulan Puasa Til The End Pun Batuk Atu Sekajap Baik Sekajap Nda. Then During Early Syawal I Was Okay Then Baru Baru My Dad Which I Happily Tell Him Balik Balik That He Cough And Sneeze On My Face And The Next Morning I Had Flu For Three Days Then Bebalik Tia Batuk Ah. Annoying Sangat Bah Batuk Ah. So Today I Bought Redoxon So Hopefully It Helps Soothe My Cough.

Happy To Report That My Khatam Project My Late Grannies Are Still Underway And I Just Covered 4 Juz. Meaning That I'm In Juz 5 Udah.

Gotta Said Its Only 7 Days Into August But I Have To Say Its Been Quite A Testing Month So Far With Our Family. And We Keep On Telling Ourselves Ani Pasal My Parents Kan Naik Haji. So Kinda Trying Jua Banar. And To Be Honest The End Of Month Seems Like A Long Way To Go And Kinda Scary Jua. I Really Hopes My Parents Akan Jadi Lebih Sehat And Lebih Bertenaga From Now Til Durang Balik Dari Menunaikan Fardhu Haji Hehe.

So I Suppose I'm Gonna Leave A Short One Saja For Today. Esok Sambung Balik Post Pasal Raya Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

TRue To THe BOne!

"Thanks Cecillia For The August Pic :-)"

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