Monday, August 03, 2015

Friday 31/7

I Went To Miri With The Siblings While Our Parent Went To Indoor Stadium For Kursus Amali Bagi Bakal Jemaah Haji. Kang Ku Share Aaa.

One Of The Many Usies That We Took. Forgive My Narsis Pose Haa Haa Haa. And Look At The Lil Sis. Haa Haa Haa Payah Kan Senyum These Days Mun Di Bawa Bergambar.

Earlier Plan Was To Stop By At Astro Shop To Exchange Our Old Decoder To A New PVR Decoder But It Was Raining Heavily And I Told My Sisters Looks We Will Be Having A Hard Time Finding A Parking Spot So Lets Have Our Lunch First. 

At First The Lil Sis Wanted To Eat At Kenny Rogers. Too Bad Though The Waitress Told Us Ayam Abis Lagi 30 Menit. Waiting For 30 Minutes On An Empty Stomach Its Tortorous And U Add Four Hungry People During A Pack Lunch Time. All Hell Could Get Lose. So We Opted For My Chicken Rice Shop. I Like It. I'm Happy With My Food For Sure I'm Coming Back Again. Ten Times Better Than Old Time Kopitiam.

A Friend Told Me Yang Pezzo Pizza Ani Is One Delicious Pizza. So We Joined The Queue Took Almost Forever.

Though For That It Is Bloody Worthed. The Filling Was Amazing. And I Glad That I Did Joined The Queue. And I Ate Lot This. And I Tell Myself Not To Feel Guilty.

One Of The Many Usies That We Took. Haa Haa Haa Told Ya. Kan Kan Kan.

Stopped By Here From Astro's Store. We Were Told That Our Set Will Only Be Available Before 5 So We Got Time To Kil. Went Out Shopping At One Of The Warehouse Then Back To Parkson. Window Shop A Little Then Ngupi.

Last Usies For The Day Hehehe Membawa Dua Org Noob Yang Alum Pernah Lepak Di Coffebean Hahahaha.

Otw The To Tol Rasau. Since Its Been A Rainy Day. The Forrest Along The Road Was Misty. Lovely Sight Indeed.

HOme Sweet Home And Installed Both Sets Of B-Yond PVR Decoders. And Makan Makan Makan Haa Haa Haa.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

TRue To THe BOne!


"Siuk Jua Sekali Sekala Menyubalah Just Us Adi Beradi"

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