Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Random Tuesday The 18th Of August

Random? I Do Random Sometime Because Random Is Good. Random Means You Life Is Not Only Just About Bloody Repetition. Actually Yg Random Ani Pun Gambar Yang Kan Ku Post Untuk Blog Ku Ani Plang Nganya Haahaa Sekadar.

I'm Too Sleepy Today. Didn't Get Enough Sleep And I'm Wondering Should I Have An Early Lunch I Mean Should I Have My Lunch Now. Its Almost 12 Plang Eventhough I'm Not Hungry At The Moment. Yeah I Should Once I Finish Typing This Post. Its Good To Eat While I'm Not Hungry Meaning There Is A Big Chance I Didn't Over Feed Myself.

Why I Felt Sleepy? Because I Have To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night Just For Footie Sake. Then Again Its Liverpool So Its A Must. Must Lah Sangat Atu Pun Aku Sadar During The Second Half Saja. Akan Tetapi Ada Jua Baiknya Match Subuh Atu. Nda Jua Berpajal Mata Kan Bangun Untuk Solat Subuh Kan Kan kan.

Anyway I Would Love To Share A Few Photos Yang Random Hehe.

Sandi Baru Ku Pernah Posted A Comment And Getting That Number Of Likers. Its A Bloody Big Deal For Me. And I Managed To Attract Replies Too Then Some Were In Portueguese I Must Add But Hey Bukan Selalu Bro!

And Then This One Haa Haa Haa. Its A News About A Store Denying A Muslim Entry Because She Is Wearing A Hijab. Knowing These Americans And Their Un-necessary Islamophobe Most Of The Comments Are Just Over The Line So I Just Posted Something To Ibunkan Durang. One Person Caught The Line Heck He Even Browse My Photos Hahaha Such A Sad Person Nyaaahaaahaaa And Here Is A Honest Confession. I Don't Even Bothered To Look Up His Profile. And When I Said Madam I Sure Do Mean It. Biasa Since Ya Ngucapkan Grammar Ku Why Not Annoyed Him More.

Another One. What Annoyed Me Is That If You Don't Like It Then Just Ignore It But Why Bother Yourself Entering The Arguments. So Biasak Ngatil Sajalah Keraja Keh Keh Keh. Owh I Was Called A Fascist! Goodness Me. Humans These Days. They're Too Angry.

Want A Random Recipe? If You Have Raw Meat Lying Around In The Kitchen And You're Too Lazy Or Wanting Something Simples. Here Is One Of My Faves Recipe That My Mum's Taught Me When I Was A Kid. Sliced Your Beef How Thin Or Thick Depends On How You Like It. Marinate It With Cilibo, Aji No Moto And Sugar. Secukup Rasa La Tu Aaa. Marinate It Well Then Just Pan Fry It. Enjoy!

Mum Hated It But I Honestly Get So Angry When People Move My Stuff. I Put It There For A Purpose. It Is Untuk Kemudahanku Yang Ku Gunakan Hari Hari But Everyone At Home Never Gets It. Everytime This Happen I Keep On Saying Leave It There. Nda Ngacau Kamu Biar Ya Sana. Payah Kang Ku Mencari. But Every Single Time They Did It. Then They Forgot Where They're Put It. Mental Man Mental Man!

Sharing Ilmu Yang Ku Dapat While Reciting Al-Quraan. Abiskita Baca The Tafsiran And In Shaa Allah From There You Guys Will Understand Why I Share. 

And Another One. As I Said Previously Above Abiskita Baca Tafsiranya Then You Will Understand Why. Doa Yang Bagus Untuk Diamalkan But This Bagus Abiskita Mula From Rabbanagh Firlana Dan Seterusnya. Mudahan Tani Semua Mendapat Manfaat Kan Kan Kan.

And Then Guess What Tadi My Sis Ya Makai My Car Skulah Di Tungku Today Mengatuk Manggil Ke Opis. And Then Caranya Melagau Atu As If Something Bad Happen. Nah Banar Sonya Kajar2 Enjinnya. Macam Tiga Silindar Bah. Macam Subaru Heh Tau Tau After Ku Diagnosed Arah Agent Ignition Coil Nya Rosak. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Udah Atu. Tough Luck KB Nada Stuff. Typical Banar Running On Bare Minimum Durang Ani. Luckily Durang My Parents Ke Bandar So I Just Gave Them A Call Asked Them To Stop By Hyundai's Agent In Beribi To Get The Spare Part. So Mudahan Tah Atu Tah Nganya Masalahnya. Amin Ya Rabb. Ya Allah Dugaan Banar Eh. Remember In My Previous Post Yang Ada Saja Dugaan Yang Famili Hadapi Especially Ketika Parents Ku Kan Naik Haji Ani. Well I Suppose This Is Just Another Dugaan. Rabbi Yassir wala Tu Assir Ya Kareem. Mudahan Dipermudahkan Segala Urusan.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue TO THe BOne!

"Should I Be Worried?"

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