Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday The 14th & Saturday The 15th Of August

Pretty Much Just Woke Up Late Simce I've Arrived In Kb Late Earlier That Night. And Since I'm On My Fifth Day Of Fasting Then I Said To Myself. Sambung Tidur Laaa. Hehe Then The Rest Of The Day Pun Just Staying In. Only Kluar During Solat Jumaat. Then Patangnya Melawat Kubur Parents My Dad. Since Kedia Kan Naik Haji Ani So He Wanted To Lawat Their Kubur. Membari Rawan Hati Jua Nyamo. My Dad Ani When It Comes To Sharing His Sorrow And Problems He Is A Man Of Few Words. Iatah Malar Ku Meliriki Kedia Time Di Kubur. Orang Dengan Indungnya Jua Bah Aa. Cemana Rasa Kitani Kan Indung Kitani Cematu Tah Ibubapa Kitani Kan Indung Durang. Nda Ja.

Dari Kubur Stopped By Masjid Kb For A Quick Asar Pit Stop Because Like I Said I Slept Most Of The Afternoon. Then I Was Thinking Of Making Burgers Then I Thought Ayam Penyet Chicken King Saja Lah. Atupun Kinda Last Minute Baik Jua Siap 10 Mins Before Sungkai.

That Moment When You Felt The Full Blessing From Allah. The Moment Where My Mum Joined Me For Tadarus. How Much Prouder I Can Get Right.

And That Is My Friday. On To Saturday.

Alright Since Saturday Is An Official Leave Day Plus Ada Kawan Ku Meng Order Begedil Babuku. So I Open Slots Lah Since Its The Last Time My Mum Will Actually Receive Catering Order. And Alhamdulillah Sambutan For That Day Alone Was Amazing. And To Everyone Yang Making The Order Thanks A Million. Air Tangan Babuku's Will Only Be Back In Business Selepas My Parents Balik Dari Menunaikan Fardhu Haji.

Kesian. Keretanya Accident Yatah Macam Badukang Ketuhuran Haa Haa Haa.

Alright Alright Not A Nice Thing To Do But It was Just Banter Really.

I Was So Hungry Imagine Saja Delivering Foods While Fasting Is Quite Challenging. And Alhamdulillah Thursday Also Marks The Last Day Of My Puasa Sunat 6 Hari Di Bulan Syawal. I Never Know I Could Do It 6 Days Straight. Very Happy Indeed. What I Love About Fasting Is That I Get To Relive Ramadhan Moment Again. My Belly Feels Healthy Again. I Don't Have To Struggle For Subuh Prayer. When You're Fasting Everything Seems To Be Positive.

That Night When I Become Mr Zura Hahaha. Malam Atu Tugasan Saya Is Bawa Org Liat Cucul Sama Lepak Di Kupibin Epot. Keh Keh Keh.

Anyway That Is All For Now Folks. Need To Head Home Now. Car Was On A Flatbed Tow Truck Heading To Bunut. Mudahan Jua Deh Nda Seteruk Mana Kerosakkannya. Suspect Minor Problem Plang. Its Just The Hassle Yang Luan Luan. 

Til The Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe BOne!

"Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu Assir Ya Kareem"

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