Monday, August 03, 2015

A Bit From Saturday 1/8

What A Better Start With Opening A New Post With Another Selpie Narsis For You Guys Haa Haa Haa! Actually This One Was Taken After I Dropped My Mum At My Tua's House In Lumut Hehe.

Just A Quick Dropped Off Saja Since Aku Pun KLuar Waktu Keraja Jua Kan. 

Stopped By At Our Local Rempah Guy. This Is The Place Where We Bought All Our Rempah From. From The Briyani, To Masak Kerisik And Such. His Rempah And My Mum's Air Tangan Makes Delish Cuisine Man!

Then Off To KB Town. Kinda Craves For LOF Breads. The Bad Thing About Saturday Morning Was The Place Will Be Busy. Parking Pun Payah. 

Dah Naik Dah Gerbang Dah Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh. How I Wish Cucul Nya Pun Meriah. Jangantah Luan Luan Suram.

Went For A Night Jog That Day Felt Good During The Run. I was Trying To Make It Consistence But Too Bad Later That Night My Dad Merrily Cough And Sneeze In My Face. Esoknya I Woke Up With A Dry Throat And Started To Sneeze. A Few Days Later Batuk Tah Ku For Fun. Ish Annoying Sangat. If You Remember A While Back. During Bulan Puasa. Aku Mula Damam Pun Oleh Oleh Dari My Dad Then Bilanya Ku Ke Bandar Sekerita With Them Taus Eh Menjangkit.!

Owh How I Wish DST Ani Macam PCSB. They Waive All Annual Fee. Damn How Stingy DST Is. If A Small Company With Less Coverage Areas Can Do That To Their Customer Albeit They Have A Smaller Number Of Customer. Why Can't DST? I Supposed Its All Up To One Factor. Which Is BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD TOO! Nda Ja.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe BOne!

"Because That Can Afford Too!"

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