Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday The 19th Of August

When I Woke Up I Felt Anxious. Kept On Praying That My Car Will Be Fixed.

After A Short Diagnosed Yesterday The Mechanic Was Confident That It Was One Of The Ignition Coils That Needed Replacing. When He Told Me My Heart Kinda Sank A Bit. Previous Experience With My Honda Jazz An Ignition Coil Never Come Cheap. Original Price Were $130 But After Discount It Dropped To $78 Alhamdulillah I Thought Still Is Pricy But Hey Better Than $130. Too Bad KB Branch Didn't Has The Spare Well Typical Of Them Really But Luckily Enough My Parents Was In The Capital So My Bought It For Me.

Popped The Hood. Changed The Ignition Coil. And Yes! It Still Remains As It Was. Engine Was Shaking Heavily During Idle And Missfire On Low Revs. Nya Org Melayu Tiga Silindar. And What Annoyed Me The Most It Even After All Of That. My Engine Did Not Improved And Yet I Was Charged With $65 Of Labour Charge. Mun Ku Tahu Tantu Ku Nukar Sendiri. Apa Jua Nya Its Just Bolts and Nut. A Few Twist, Pull The Connector Then Replace The Ignition Coils. Nganya Takut Ku Lain Jadinya. Even My Dad Pot Pet Pot Pet. Have No Answer For That. So What Is Their Advice. To Bring It To Bunut Because Di Sana Ada Proper Diagnose Machine. Dad Agreed To Drive It For Me But First He Told Esok Awal Bawa Arah Atak Suruh Ya Cek The Spark Plug First. Ermm Baik Lah Babah.

Muka Kusut Yang Ku Share Through Whatssap With Ehem Hopefully The One.

The Photo That I Uploaded To Facebook And Instagram. Ubat Stress Honestly Aku Kan Beli Sandwich Saja For Brunch. Udahnya Kusut Bui Nada Meduli Lagi. Bawa Saja Makan.

Parents And Two Other Sisters Went To Bandar. Parents Off To Istana Nurul Iman For A Meet And Greet Session With Their Majesties. And My Sisters Went To School Because They Have Interviews Session With A Few Of The Oil And Gas Companies For Attachment Placements. So When Everyone Was Away The Lil One Was My Lunch Partner. And Of Course Di Mana Lagi Kalau Bukan Di Chicken King With Her Ampalas (Hundred Plus) Drink. Well Today Pandai Ya Nyabut Despite How Slow She Pronounced It Haha.

On Juz 14 Now But In Shaa Allah I Will Get Cracking On Esok. I Need To Cover Dua Juzuk. Mudahan Jua Terbangun Sembahyang Subuh Esok. So Dapat Ku Membaca After Solat Subuh. A Confession. Aku Selalu Qadha Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Banar Tah.

Owh BTW Untuk Menyampaikan Amanah Kawanku. Ku ATIL POLANG NYANGKU NDA MINAT Haa Haa Haa Nadawah. Since Ia Minta Tolong So Kira Amanah Tah Jua Tu  Kan So Please My Dear Readers. The Admins Of FRANATICS Brunei. The Fan Club Of Fakhrul Razi Ibrahim Would Like Your Help To Vote For Him. Please KELIK Thanks. Honestly No Idea What Is This Because I'm Blogging Using Office Internet So Since Internet Kami Ani Limited sal IT Admins Are Stingy And Greedy And Love To Hog The Internet Connection So I Can't Surf The Site But If You Guys Can. Please Do Yeah. Thanks.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!
TRue To THe BOne!

"Nah Dang KAMS. Done With The Post. Kompom Ni Banyak Vote Nya Hahaha"

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