Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday The 24th Of August

Woke Up With A Super Sore Lower Body. My Back My Punggung My Lutut My Lamak Batis Are All Sore.

Took Two When I Woke Up Then Off To Shower And Then Got Ready For Work. Then I Took My Collagen Drinks And Alhamdulillah Nda Plang Serta Merta Ilang The Soreness But AS The Day Progress My Sore Kurang And My Mood Improves.

While Waiting For My Hot Lemon. Selpi Narsis Saja Laa. Need To Trim My Hair And I Look Tabam Haa Haa Haa Mana Nda Makan Satay Before Tidor Yatah Tabam Mua.

I Now Have My Own Bottle Of Alfafa Sweet Drop.  I'm chuffed. Alright Erm Not Much To  Share Really. I Still Have 4 days Plus Today Lah Tu Aa Untuk Khatam Kan My Late Grannies. Its Already Set The Uncles And The Aunties Mau Buat Khatam Quran This Coming Thursday So The Pressure Is On Me. I Just Enter Juz 18 So I'm Trying To Reach Juz 19 Before Maghrib Hence Why Aku Sengaja Balik Ahir From Work. Pasal Kalau Di Rumah Nda Tah Ku Ter Konsentret. 

So I Suppose Iatah Nganya Dulu Ah. 

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Mudahan Sampat Ku Khatamkan"

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