Monday, August 24, 2015

Part Of Saturday 22nd Of August

Actually Gambar Ani Taken On Friday Night. My Sister Ani Couldn't Stop Yapping About Kayu Untuk Bendera Kecil Since She Is Going To The Field Mengebar Bendera. It Was Pretty Late Jua And My Dad Resorted To Two Kind. Gegagi Damit And Barus Jamban. Had A Good Laugh!

Office Tutup In The Morning Because Of The Said Event In Padang KBRC So I Took My Jolly Good Time At Home Knowing That Its Gonna Be A Very Busy Weekend For The Family.

And Its Back Haiya Gigitan Ku Eh. Even After Dihalau. Di Pindah Sarangnya Tatap Jua Ya Berbalik. Ish Banar Tah Banar. Lalah Bah Membersihkan Bakas Tahi Durg Aa. And When They Said Barang Ani Membagi Rezeki I Just Laughed Out Loud. Bukan Ambung But Rezeki Datang Dari Allah. Nganya Nda Ku Berani Kan Memburu Bebanar Takut Ku Kebalikkan Arah Indungku Yang Kan Naik Haji Ah. Banar Tah.

Nyanyat Kan Makan Chicken Tikka Masala. True They Say If You Love A Food From A Restaurant Come Back Again For A Second Taste. And To Be Honest. I Was Very Disappointed We The Dish Today. The Chicken Was Too Salty. Probably A Different Cook That Day. Still Though That Was Mighty Disappointing.

I Told My Friends I'm Not Bothered Going To The Field During HM's Visit To Kb. Ahirnya Turun Jua. See Those Tents That Was The Path Leading To The Food Area. As You Might Know Or Aware Us Bruneian Was Too Embarassed To See The Attitude Of Some Of Us Bruneian When They Were Scrambling To Tapau Food. Well Part Of The Problem During Those Days Was That The Organizers Are Well Aware Of That Situation But They Were Never Bothered To Rectify It. Udah Kana Viralkan Barutah Malu! And Of Coz The Major Share Of The Blame Fell On Us Bruneian Lah. Sejak Bila Org Brunei Ani Kebuluran? Nada Disiplin Nada Sivik? Sad Kan Bila Yang Mengulukan Ani Indung Bapa. Bila Udah Cematu Anak Anak Pun Udahnya Meliat Ulah Indungnya Apalagi. Ikut Tah Jua. 

So By Setting Up Tents Ani And Then Makanan Pun Kana Served Individually. There Are Orders Alhamdulillah. Sometimes When You Need Things To Work Properly. You Need To Show The Ugly Before Reaping Your Rewards But How Much Ugliness Are You Willing To Share.

Ke Sana Ke Mari My Dad And I Mencari Kedia. Last Last Kejumpaan Kedia Duduk Arah Kawasan Stage Next To The Royal Stage. So I Asked Tu Lai Lai Pose Tu Sana Arah Gerbang And This Was Taken When His Majesty Was Still Greeting And Meeting His Subjects At The Tents Next To The Gerbang. Wanted To Wait And Lambai Him But I Thought That would Take Another Half And Hour Minimum And It Was Super Hot And My Dad Was Waiting Jua Kesian Jua Kedia Tunggu Tunggu. So Lets Go And Then They Dropped Me At The Office. Kerja Bah Kerja.

Siapa Mau Makan BlackPAPER Beef Silakan Datang Ke Mari Okay. Terima Kasih.

Received Our Order On Saturday Being Delivered By A Family Of Three And As A Payment Or A Token Of Appreciation They Were Given Tart Nanas And Mangga Boohoo.

Hahahah Well Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Tuuu Tuu Tuuu Kedia Aaaa kalau Nda Begedil. Tart Nanas Nah Ani Upgrade Lagi Dapat Mangga Nyaman. Hahahah

And There Goes Part Of My Saturday Folks. Stay In For Sunday Post.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Well I Have Beautiful Friends You Know!"

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