Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Last Sunday Part 1 Aug 2nd

Our Sunday Morning Look. Muka Bangun Tidur Terus Mandi Tanpa Wax Haa Haa. I Promised My Mum That I'm Gonna Wake Up Early To Buy A Few Preps Cause My Geng Kopi Kan Beraya Di Umah. So Off We Go My Dad And I.

First Stop Tamu KB. Sibuk Tia Polang Mengambar Hahaha Macam Noobs. Actually Jarang Plg Ku Kan Mengambar2 Kalau Ke Tamu But I Already Had An Idea For A Post So Why Not Kan Rakam Sedikit Sebanyak Cerita Ku Pada Hari Ahad Yang Lalu. Kerna Ada Plan Sikit Brah!

My Dad Was Waiting For Grated Coconut. Kelapa Kisar Bah. So Main Main Selpi Then Antar Arah Kawan. Keh Keh Keh. Bisai Ngambil Angle Cani Ani. Tajam Usul Ajaiku.

Told My Dad Mencuba Kita Di Taj Kitchen KB Town. We Did And We Were Both Happy With Our Food. Sambal Nasi Lemaknya Pedas Sekali. Murtabaknya Nganya A Bit Lambut And berminyak But Itu Simple Ja. Next Time Gtau Karing2 Sikit Then In Shaa Allah Nda Berapa Berminyak. I Also Love The Dhal. Eventhough Not Really A Fan But I Keep On Digging For The Gravy. If Only They Have Lada Wa Hong Or Better Know Amongst Us Bruneians Lada Singapore. Mun Nda Cun Hantap Tu Eee. A Bit Pricy Jua Then Your Normal Kedai Mamak But You Were Also Paying For Their Modern Concept Plus Nda Jua Mahal Sangat Pun. Just A Few Cents Above The Average. Will I Come Back Again. Sure I Will. Dad Told Me He Wanted The Ayam Tandoori And Masala. On!

Masa Kami Walked In TaJ Kitchen KB Town Was Quiet Busy Then Bila Udah keluar Sunyi Tia. When We Looked At The Watch It Was About 11 Ish In The Morning. Di Pahami Lah Jua People Are Now Mostly Heading Home After Their Breakfast Or Getting Ready For Wedding Invitation. 
While Most Of The Pinoys From Their Sunday Mass Moving On To Seria To Enjoy The Rest Of Their Off Day. So I Told My Dad Babah Menyebarang Dulu. Then Aku Liat Kiri Kanan Oryte Line Clear. Snapped! Then Sengih2 Haa Haa Haa Sampai Hajat Aku And Post The Editted Version Of This Photo Into My IG.

Next Stop Was Off To Utama Grand At KB Sentral Mall. That's Me Taking A Selpi With My Dad's Semi-D Houses As The Background.

A Better View. I'm Still Not Sure Apa Yang Kana Buat Oleh Developer Disekeliling Umah My Dad Atu. I Heard Kan Durang Buatkan Kadai. Antah Lerr Aku Pun Kurang Pasti.

Stopped By The House To Drop Off The Chicken Because My Mum Need To Prepare It. Not Untuk Kawan Kawan Yang Dtg Beraya But For Catering. Then Mum Told Eh Bali Ayam Grill Di Supasave Lagi. I Just Rolled My Eyes. Hmmm So My Dad And I Off To Panaga And Voila The Two Photos Above. A Simple Fix With Lada Tailan And The Chicken Makes An Irresistible Dish! Banar Cua Tanya C Faeiz 3 Kali Tambah Kali Aa.

One Of The Menus That Was Ordered. Nyummmmmmmm!

And Of Course My Mum's World Famous Begedil Hahaha World Famous Jua Laa. Eh MELAYU Banar Suka Ninggalkan Satu On The Plate.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

TRue To THe BOne!

"Not Really My Average Sunday! This Was Fun But Membari LAKAP USIN!"

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