Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 26th Of August

Alright Before I Start With My Blog Post And Everything That I Wanna Share With You Lots. I Wanna Start It With This.

Praises To Allah Subhannallah Taala. I Cannot Thank Him Enough Will All The Blessing. All Those Challenges The Down That My Family Been Experiencing Now Feel Worthwhile. It Is So Rewarding That Not Once That You Steer Away From Forgetting Him Even Though I Have To Admit Yang Aku Ani Cuai Jua. Regretting The Past. Trying To Change To Be A Better Person Than I Was Before. Though For Saying That I Can Never Be The Better Man Than Anyone Of You Out There. To Have The Chance To Say The Face Of My Parents These Days Was Just A Blessing That A Son Can Ever Pray For.

The Happiness That Shown Through Their Face Inticipating The Time They're Leaving For Haj Pilgrimmage Is A Beautiful Experience. I Could Wish To Share More With You Guys But Somethings Are Better Off Unshared Outside The Close Family Circles. So Thank You Again Ya Allah. Thank You.

Its Been A Tiring Last Week And This Week Are No Different. Thank God Today Break From Going To The Capital. Kemarin Ke Bandar. Esok Of Coz Ke Bandar Jua Pasal Tahlil Night And Of Coz Khatam Al Quran. Still 6 Juz Kan Ku Cover Tadi Aku Stop At Juz 24 So I Try To Abiskan Sampai Juz 25 Then Later Sama My Sister Blast It Singgan Singgannya.

Then In Shaa Allah Friday Ke Bandar Jua Kan Ke Makam Membawa Babu Melawat Kubur Parentsnya Then Saturday Will Also Be In Bandar. Ke Airport Menghantar Luggages My Parents Then Of Coz Sunday Early Morning We Will Be Leaving Early In The Morning To The Airport.

Mohon Doa Kawan Kawan Ya Agar Urusan My Family In These Few Days Lancar Tiada Cacat Cela Nya Amin Ya Rabb.

SInce Its A Wednesday And Usually On A Wednesday Aku Andang Ronda Site So Nda Ku Have Extra Since My Mum Bangkit Awal And Start Menutuk Nutuk Lasung Di Dapur. When For A Morning Jog. Nda Jua Jauh Mana Jog Ku But Alhamdulillah Walaupun Seksa Rasanya Mampu Jua Ku Melangkah And Break A Good Sweat. Need To Trim My Sumit Jua Usulnya. Nda Smart Usulnya.

Bought Those Bluetooth Headphones Well Its More Of A Neckphone Yesterday From At The Mall Gadong For About 40 Bucks. Quality Wise Well Boleh Laa. Masih Jua Alum Dapat Mengalahkan Motorola Motorokr S9 Bluetooth Headphones. The Sound Of That Thing Was Just Great. Bought Those At Wywy Eh Bukan Wywy Apakah Tu Namanya Kadai Mcm Wywy Yang Jual Hp. Mobility Kali Namanya. In Fact If Its Still On Sale I Might Get It For Sure. I Also Need To Get A New Running Shoes. My Target Would Be Skechers Running Shoes. Kan Active Balik Ku Belusir.

Before Masuk Opis Membawa My Parents Dulu Buying A Few Stuff Untuk Durng Bawa Ke Me Makkah. Such As Redoxon Enough 30 Days Stock For Each Of Them, Panadols As Well As Lip Balms. Been Listening And Taking A Lot Of Advices Dari Bekas Bekas Jemaah Haji And I Have To Say Thank You For It. Yth Yang Paling Banyak Nasihat Yang Diterima Ketika Di Sana Are To Keep Hydrated, Daily Consumption Of Vitamins Bukannya Apa Biar Badan Sentiasa Sehat So Beribadah Pun Nda Menyukarkan. 

P/s Only Realized Bila Di Dalam Kadai Yang Durang Sepasang Warna Baju Haa Haa Haa Sweet Jua Indungku Ani.

I Supposed This Is For Now Lah Ah. Enjoy The Rest Of Your Days Guys And Take Care.

Til My Next Post.. Take Care Everyone!

"Alhamdulillahi Robbil Alamin"

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